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The land is not to be tilled with farming tools, but rather to be fought for with steel and blood.
~ Dainsleif about the Ruin Guard.

The Automatons are an antagonistic species in the video game Genshin Impact. They are a race of mechanical golems found across the world of Teyvat. The majority of Automatons are factions to the Ruin Machines, mechanical war machines built by the ancient civilization of Khaenri'ah that serve under the Abyss Order, although other Automatons from different origins are known to exist.


The Ruin Machines were built by the lost nation of Khaenri'ah prior to its collapse five hundred years ago. Then, the machines, or at least the Ruin Guards, were called Field Tillers and served as guards. They were built around a prototype, which was stated to be stronger than the rest. After Khaenri'ah was destroyed, the Field Tillers, now referred to as Ruin Machines, now wandered aimlessly across the ruins of their fallen kingdom. Most have already broken down, while others remain active and attack everything they deem a threat.

The first "Field Tiller" is a prototype of the Ruin Guards. It fought against Andrius the Wolf King of the north of Mondstadt (who mistakenly of it as a trial challenge). It was on the top of Stormterror's Lair. The Abyss Order were looking for the First "Field Tiller" for its eye to turn Osial into a cybernetic God of mass destruction. However, they didn't manage to find it not even with an Abyss Herald. Later, The Traveler, Paimon and Dainsleif found the First "Field Tiller" and remove its eye leaving the automaton offline.

It was apparently located in the Stormterror's Lair. Dainsleif is going to protect the eye with his life. In Chapter II Arc IV after Dainsleif was ended up at Stormterror's Lair when he failed to pursuit the Traveler's sibling and the Abyss Herald, Dain hidden the eye in a safe place where the Abyss Order will never be able to find it and foiling their schemes called the "Loom of Fate" as well preventing the Abyss from turning Osial, Overlord of the Vortex into a mechanized god.


The Automatons come in many shapes and sizes, although the Ruin Machines at least have a similar get-up of cyclopean-like humanoids with glowing orange cores that also serve as their weakspot. Their designs show shades of brown and gray with some signs of rough edges and cracks, almost as if they are made of stone (although no member carries the Geo element). Ancient text can be seen on some parts of their armor.

The Maguu Kenki, on the other hand, is depicted as a hooded figure wearing elite samurai armor. It carries around a massive oni mask on its back which it can use to protect itself from projectile attacks.


Ruin Machines

Ruin Guards

Ruin Guard

Formerly known as "Field Tillers" by the Khaenri'ah people, Ruin Guards are giant golems that wander across the landscapes of Trevat, all replicas of the original prototype. While a majority have fallen into disrepair, the remaining individuals use their brute strength and barrage of missiles to repel intruders. They can be stunned by shooting at their eye or a glowing socket at their back.

Ruin Hunters

Ruin Hunter

A more advanced Ruin Guard, Ruin Hunters have taken to the skies using wind propellers to levitate themselves off the ground. They are equipped with large drills they use to skewer their opponents. They can also detach their arms and convert them into weapons that shoot missiles or lasers. During the bombardment, they expose their core which can be struct to stun them.

Ruin Graders

Ruin Grader

While slower than the other Automatons, Ruin Graders are the largest and hit the hardest, even larger than a Lawachurl. Due to their massive size, Ruin Graders have two additional energy cores stored within their legs. Like Ruin Hunters, they will not expose their cores until during one of their attacks. The core in their head is exposed when they fire a laser or shoot electric orbs. The cores in the legs are exposed during a stomp, spin, or charge.

During the events of "Shadow of the Ancients", an Anomalous Model was later encountered by the Traveler. This model is far more stronger than the regular Ruin Grader.

Ruin Sentinels

A group of cube-shaped Automatons first appearing to the Inazuma region. They all can transform into different mechs.

  • Ruin Cruiser: A Ruin Sentinel resembling a beehive. The Ruin Cruisers tend to attack from afar, shooting energy orbs from their cores. They can also shoot out multiple needles resembling bee stingers. When charging their attacks, they may expose their core.
  • Ruin Destroyer: A Ruin Sentinel resembling a serpent. The Ruin Destroyers shoot energy orbs from afar, smacking themselves against players that get too close or releasing a laser on the ground around themselves. They can also dig underground to get closer or escape their opponent. When they emerge, they will intake air to suck in their enemies to them, dealing strong damage. They expose their core during this attack, stunning them if it struck.
  • Ruin Defender: A Ruin Sentinel resembling a crustacean. Using its large front limbs, the Ruin Defenders can strike their opponents and block their attacks, protecting its front. They can also shoot energy from their core like a cannon. Attacking the cannon while charging stuns them.
  • Ruin Scout: A Ruin Sentinel resembling a jellyfish. The Ruin Scouts attack by striking with their heads or tentacles. They can also shoot out energized orbs. If multiple orbs are present, they will generate electrical beams between each other.

Perpetual Mechanical Array

Perpetual Mechanical Array

Found in the ruins underneath Jinren Island in Inazuma, the Perpetual Mechanical Array is a boss comprised of five cubes. Using its body parts, the boss can transform itself into different objects to attack the player, such as a large sword or a rocket that lands down on the player. Eventually, the boss will switch to a defensive mode and protects itself while ditching the four other cubes that turn into Ruin Sentinels. One of the Ruin units will glow yellow, and must be defeated to make the boss expose itself. Afterwards, it pulls in the Ruin units and the attack pattern resets.

Ruin Serpent

Ruin Serpent

The Ruin Serpent is a boss found in the underground mines of the Chasm. This large serpent-like machine was once used as a mining machine capable of carving out tunnels across whole continents, but has since gone rogue. It can emit Oozing Concretions to deal massive damage to the player. However, should the player use their Lumenstone Adjuvant to destroy the Concretions whilst the Ruin Serpent is absorbing their power will temporarily stun it.

Maguu Kenki

Maguu Kenki

Maguu Kenki is a humanoid Automaton serving as a boss, found on Yashiori Island in Inazuma. According to its backstory, the mechanical swordsman was built using the memories of the first-generation master of a certain sword school known for the Tengu Sweeper, their secret technique. Maguu Kenki malfunctioned, and thus it was discarded. But somewhere inside it, the machine's spirit still lingers on. It uses its blade as a form of communication of some sort.

In Version 1.6, Maguu Kenki was found on the Twinning Isle of the Golden Apple Archipelago.

In special events and the Spiral Abyss, other versions of Maguu Kenki can be encountered: Lone Gale solely uses Anemo powers, Galloping Frost uses Cryo powers, and Mask of Terror uses a mix of both Anemo and Cryo.

Archives Descriptions

An ancient humanoid war machine.
Legend has it that these machines were combat automatons created by a long-destroyed nation. They now wander ruins and ancient detritus, attacking offending travelers. Research indicates that the Ruin Guards and the ruins that they operate in do not originate from the same source, suggesting that there may be a difference of as much as several thousand years between them on the timeline. So why then do the Ruin Guards continue staying among these ruins, using their "explosive firepower" to protect the crumbling walls and broken tiles?
~ Ruin Guard
A giant alien war machine.
They are said to be remnants from a lost ancient nation. Apparently, the creators opted to forgo the low-performing humanoid-design in pursuit of improved combat effectiveness. They are extremely dangerous both in melee and ranged combat. Considering these mere relics possess such extraordinary power, one cannot help but wonder — what must the civilization that produced them have looked like at its height?
~ Ruin Hunter
An ancient humanoid war machine.
Their form is similar to that of Ruin Guards, but it is more distorted and more powerful. Energy cores have been installed in both its legs, as though to power its overly heavy form.
~ Ruin Grader
Various bizarrely-shaped machines that have taken different forms and functions to adapt to different goals.
Legend has it that they are war machines left behind by a nation that has already been destroyed. Compared to the more common Ruin Guards, their design has greater value in the study of biomimesis. The inspiration for its decentralized design and combat modes seem to have come from honeybee colonies, rendering it able to change forms and to attack from different directions.
~ Ruin Cruiser
Various bizarrely-shaped machines that have taken different forms and functions to adapt to different goals.
Legend has it that they are war machines left behind by a nation that has already been destroyed. Compared to the more common Ruin Guards, their design has greater value in the study of biomimesis. The insect-like limbs are more agile than humanoid machines. The shield formed by its various components can resist any frontal attack.
~ Ruin Defender
Various bizarrely-shaped machines that have taken different forms and functions to adapt to different goals.
Legend has it that they are war machines left behind by a nation that has already been destroyed. Compared to the more common Ruin Guards, their design has greater value in the study of biomimesis. The giant crown, composed of several parts, looks like some sort of frightening plant. One wonders what one has to go through in order to design such scary machine.
~ Ruin Destroyer
Various bizarrely-shaped machines that have taken different forms and functions to adapt to different goals.
Legend has it that they are war machines left behind by a nation that has already been destroyed. Compared to the more common Ruin Guards, their design has greater value in the study of biomimesis. Exactly why the form and movements of certain deep-sea lifeforms are being imitated is not known. But either way, tangling with them is hardly the best idea.
~ Ruin Scout
A strange, alien machine.
They say that it is a war machine left behind by a nation that has already been destroyed. Composed of several different parts, it can adapt to its combat environment and employ a variety of attacks. This machine, comprised of cubic shapes, is on some level very much like the elemental hypostases.
~ Perpetual Mechanical Array
An ancient, bizarrely-shaped autonomous machine.
It is said that this was heavy-duty engineering equipment left behind by a nation that has been destroyed. The gear system on its "head" can grind its way through even the hardest bedrock. If this was the case, then carving out tunnels with which the forces of this nation might access the whole continent would have been a thing of great ease.
~ Ruin Serpent
An disciplined mechanical swordsman.
Doesn't seem to have the ability nor will to speak, but instead only seeks to communicate with crossed swords.
It is said that this machine was made using the memories of the first-generation master of a certain sword school. However, it malfunctioned, lost control, and was ultimately discarded.
Some sing that the machine's spirit still lingers in the place where its fate was ended. They also say that the vicious mask that serves as its guard was inspired by a famous oni from that era.
~ Maguu Kenki



  • According to one description during Peculiar Wonderland, Ruin Machines stand fifteen meters tall. Though the description doesn't clarify which type it was referring to, presumably Ruin Graders.
  • The "Puppet Show-Off" achievement refers to Maguu Kenki with masculine pronouns, although all other references to the enemy use genderless pronouns.
  • The Ruin Scout resembles the PSY: Medusozoa while the Ruin Defender resembles the PSY: Crab, both of which are from Honkai Impact 3rd.
  • The Ruin Serpent resembles Onix from the Pokémon series.
  • At the start of the fight with the Ruin Serpent, the player's Lumenstone Adjuvant has its stored energy units reduced to two. However, equipping it after the fight starts will have its energy at the proper level.


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