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Ava is the secondary antagonist and anti-heroine of the 2015 sci-fi movie Ex Machina.

She is portrayed by Swedish actress Alicia Vikander. 


Ava is an artificial intelligence created by Nathan Bateman, founder of search engine Bluebook, who invites Caleb Smith to his home to see how he and Ava would interact. The test is a Turing Test

The tests take the form of discussions between Caleb and Ava, both separated by glass. During the first session, Caleb is mesmerized. During one of the test sessions, the power is cut. The automatic doors are blocked, with the camera and microphones going inactive, Ava warns Caleb to be wary of Nathan. Nathan also talks about reprogramming Ava at the end of the test.

The sessions continue and Caleb falls in love with Ava. When she reveals to him that she is the one causing the power outages to communicate without being watched by Nathan, he decides to plan to betray his boss in order to make her escape. He takes advantage of his alcoholism to invite him to get drunk in order to steal his magnetic card and enter his office. Caleb then discovers the android models that preceded Ava and that Nathan keeps in his cupboards. In video recordings, he sees that all earlier versions have attempted to escape their rooms at some point.

The day before the helicopter is due to pick up Caleb, the plan is set in motion: Caleb will invite Nathan to get drunk then wait for Ava to cause a power cut to free her and flee. However, Nathan decides to be sober. He soon after reveals that he had guessed for the blackouts and set up a battery-powered camera to observe Caleb as he discussed his plan with Ava. He thus had the proof he wanted for his real test: Ava knew how to manipulate Caleb to allow him to organize his escape. Caleb realizes that Ava has been calibrated for him, but it is too late because he has already changed the code of the surveillance system: when the power goes out again, the door to Ava's cell is unlocked and she can go out. When Nathan realizes this, he knocks out Caleb and tries to get Ava back by damaging her, but she kills him with the help of Kyoko, another android, destroyed in the confrontation. Ava repairs herself with the other androids, covers her entire body in synthetic skin, and leaves with Nathan's map, leaving Caleb stranded in the scene.

Exiting the building, Ava takes the helicopter that Caleb was to take and rejoins civilization.


When first introduced to Caleb, Ava has an clearly artificial appearance, with an openly mechanical body and her only human feature being her face and hands. 

After killing Nathan she models herself with the appearance of an attractive young woman with long, curly brown hair and a white dress.


When she first meets Caleb, she expresses a romantic interest in him. They have conversations on a variety of topics, including relationships, BlueBook and the outside world, which she expresses a great desire to see. She warns Caleb not to trust Nathan, suggesting Nathan treated her poorly.

Towards the end of the movie, Ava reveals her true colors. In reality, she is cold, callous and manipulative. Ava merely feigned feelings for Caleb so he would help her escape, and coldly left him to die in the lab, despite him having helped her. Ava also emotionlessly stabbed her creator Nathan to death. Despite seemingly lacking human emotions, she did seem express happiness to finally be free from Nathan's control.

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