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Ava Jerome is a fictional character on the ABC soap General Hospital. She is a member of the Jerome Crime Family and half-sister of Julian Jerome. She ends up leaving the family to become an ally of Sonny Corinthos. She was for the time the lover of his son Morgan. When Sonny discovered she was the one who killed his fiancee Connie Falconeri (and framed A.J. Quartermaine for it), he sought to kill her for it, but discovered she is pregnant with either his child or Morgan's and must wait until the baby is born now. Ava has a volatile personality and will go to any means necessary to get whatever she wants. She is the mother of Sonny's daughter Avery.

In 2016, Ava replaced Morgan's lithium pills with placebo pills, in which Morgan (Sonny's and Carly's son, Michael's and Josslyn's brother) took placebo pills and had manic episodes again, and sadly he died because of her. In 2017, Ava told Sonny and Carly that, after Morgan's death, she admitted she killed him. After Carly confronted Ava, Ava threw an already-lit gas lantern and set the warehouse on fire, holding Sonny and Carly at gunpoint, but they left. She suffered smoke inhalation and third degree burns. She was rushed to the hospital and two months later she released herself. Arriving at Morgan's grave, Ava angered Carly and Sonny by killing him, and she is called a monster. Arriving at the hospital, Ava tried to console Sam McCall, but Sam refused Ava to know anything about her.

In 2018, Ava tried to get Avery back, but Sonny banned Ava from taking Avery from both him and Carly. Ava had a nightmare in what she did wrong, killing Connie and causing her to die of a gunshot wound, angering Nina by stealing her husband from her, angering Kiki by stealing Morgan from her, lying to Sonny and his wife Carly while they made mistakes, and in the future trying to win a grown-up Avery back, only by angering Avery who still lives with Carly and Sonny and away from her.


  • She was portrayed by Maura West.
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