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WCKD is good.
~ Ava Paige
The Immune are the only resource left to this world.
~ Ava Paige.
Thomas... can save all us.
~ Ava Paige's last words to Thomas.

Ava Paige is the secondary antagonist of The Maze Runner film series and a supporting antagonist in its book series.

She is the overarching antagonist in the 2014 film adaptation The Maze Runner, the main antagonist in the 2015 film adaptation Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials, and the secondary antagonist turned anti-heroine in the 2018 film Maze Runner: The Death Cure. She is the highest-ranking official of WICKED.

She was portrayed by Patricia Clarkson, who also played Margaret White in the 2002 made-for-TV film remake of Stephen King's Carrie.


The Maze Runner

Chancellor Ava Paige appears at various times throughout the film in Thomas visions, but doesn't fully appear until the end.

As Thomas and the Gladers invade the WCKD headquarters, they find a video of Chancellor Paige explaining the Flare to them. In the background of the video people are breaking in and shooting members of WICKED. Before they reach Chancellor Paige, she commits suicide. Thomas sees a body laying where she was filming and goes over to check but is interrupted.

In the end, a woman walks into another WCKD headquarters and its revealed to be Chancellor Paige, alive and well, who says they are ready for "Phase Two".

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

In the second film, Thomas realizes she is alive when he sees her communicating with Janson. She tells him what to do to the kids but tells him not to hurt them. Later Thomas finds out that Ava is harvesting the Immunes of an enzyme that makes them immune to the Flare (that cannot be manufactured in a lab), so they can find a way to create a cure. She would sacrifice a whole generation, only to get a cure.

In the end, she shows up at the Right Arm's camp after her soldiers attack. She speaks with Thomas and takes Teresa Agnes and many others with her. Thomas then declares that he is going to kill her.

Maze Runner: The Death Cure


It is shown that Dr. Ava Paige is working with Teresa Agnes in a desperate attempt to discover a cure, Teresa does all the work while Ava Paige thinks of a plan to help them all, eventually when Thomas infiltrates the building together with Newt and Gally, he meets her and in an attempt to kill her, Janson shoots Thomas and she escapes, during the assault on the Last City when Teresa manages to convince Thomas about the cure of the virus. She reveals the location of the Immunes whom the Right Arm "sold" to gain access to WCKD, and gives directions to a "safe place" where Thomas should take them all. Thomas and his friends re-enter the Maze and find the captured Immunes. However, they learn the Right Arm intends to destroy, rather than occupy, WICKED headquarters. Explosions rock the Maze and falling debris kills some of the Immunes inside. Triggered by the commotion, the Grievers come out of storage, but Teresa shows Thomas how to shut them down. However, she dies from falling debris in an effort to save Thomas's life. Fleeing the building, the Immunes escape through a Flat Trans portal that leads to a lush paradise.

In the end, she reveals that after the catastrophic solar flares, the Flare was deliberately created and released by the government as a form of population control. However, the government and WICKED found themselves unable to control the plague. Paige realized that the Immunes were the only actual hope for a cure and devised a plan with Brenda and Jorge to send them to a safe refuge, where they could restore human civilization. That is why, as she states, "WICKED is good."


Her role is mostly similar to the novel until the end. Dr. Ava Paige tells Teresa that it is true that Thomas is the cure to save them all. Thomas asks Ava if he could have saved Newt and she said he can save them all. Thomas lowers the gun, and in a gesture of compassion, Ava tells Thomas it's okay. Thomas asks Ava to leave the others alone and she promises that, but she later receives a shot in the back from Janson, killing her.

Powers & Abilities

  • Intellect: As the head of the WCKD organization, Ava Paige is shown to have lifetime knowledge of providing medical care, in science and technology for her organization to provide healthy food, security protocols, and weapons for an army of soldiers to be assigned to missions under her authority in finding a cure for the Flare virus.
  • Scientific genius: Aside from her position as a headmistress, Paige is capable in the field of science as she’s a doctor and uses harsh methods to test the young Immunes in unbearable and extreme environments such as the Labyrinth to trigger emotional behaviors for the device placed in their necks known as the swipe to scan for brain patterns before copying the results. After Immunes pass the Maze trials, they get transferred to headquarters for WCKD to sedate and prepare the enzymes within the children to be harvested out of their blood to create a serum for treatments to reduce the effects of the disease until they figure out a way to make a more permanent version.
  • Leadership: Paige is shown to be very experienced in leading her organization to archive the goal in finding a cure, no matter what it would cause to others in a broken world.
  • Vast resources: Since the world became broken, WCKD had the best intentions to save it with the money they possessed in using their search for a cure to the Flare, which also gave her board approval to have many people in other remaining territories around the globe to keep their jobs and corporations in finding every child immune to the virus to be brought to them for test.
  • Complete anonymity: Ava Paige is kept safe in every territory of her organization which makes her identity uncertain for her enemies to recognize her appearance as she has security to guard and protect her position when visiting outside the Scorch.
  • Strategic mind: When on command in ordering her army on missions against threats to her organization, Paige's intellect also allows her to comprehend targets' movements and strategic plans to use extreme precautions in order to provide what means to an end in allowing her and her troops to get things done for making their urges of capturing Immunes more easily. Thing was shown in both the first and second films, where she created a video for Thomas and the Gladers to see her and the base under attack before committing suicide but faked it for them to fall into taking bait in thinking the people saving them were against WCKD to lure them to the headquarters with Janson after Phase 1. Then in Scorch Trials, Phase 2 was to have the Immunes sedated and prepared for harvest before she arrives by any quick means but was minor due to Thomas and the other escaping the compound until Teresa was ordered to betray him by giving away his and the Right arm headquarters location leading an ambush and WCKD mercilessly and remorselessly killed many fighters before capturing enough the Immunes for tests.



  • Ava Paige is somewhat an anti-villain, as her goals are heroic but the ways in which she tries to achieve them are most definitely not.
  • Ava Paige is the overarching antagonist of the series, given that she is responsible for the events of the series, though Janson winds up taking the role of Big Bad in the end.


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