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NOTE: For the sake of this wiki, this page is mainly about brainwashed evil Aversa, as well as her outrealm and Mirage counterparts. Whilst a brainwashed character, she is listed because she spends the majority of the game under brainwashing.

Aha ha ha! You damn fool! Not literally... But he did raise me as if I were his own. Taught me everything... I was a poor orphaned wretch with dirt for food, yet Master Validar took me in. He provided when others would have watched me starve. I would never presume that he loves me... But he is everything I know of love. I would gladly die at his command.
~ A brainwashed Aversa relating her false history to Chrom.

Aversa (イソバース Inverse) is a supporting antagonist of Fire Emblem Awakening.

Magically brainwashed to be loyal to the Grimleal, and her master Validar, Aversa helped the cult through her ability to seduce and manipulate men. However, after her mindcontrol was undone and she returned to her original personality, Aversa immmediately joined Chrom's Shepherds to slay the cult that enslaved and their god, the Fell Dragon Grima.

Additionally, another Aversa from the Outrealms serves as a separate antagonist who plots to steal Old Hubba's Einherjar cards, while a third incarnation appears in the Fire Emblem/Shin Megami Tensei crossover Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE. It is not known whether these Aversas were brainwashed or not.

She is voiced by Tanaka Kumi in Japanese and Cindy Robinson in English.


Aversa has dark skin, long white hair, red eyes, and long black nails sharpened like claws. She wears a black crown similar to Gangrel's, and a matching black neck brace with ornate shoulder guards projecting from its surface. On her body, Aversa wears a skintight black coat with a long opening in front and feathered collar, lace stockings with black striped patterns, and black high-heeled shoes.

As a Mirage, Aversa appears as a purple centaur. Her upper humanoid body has long purple hair and wings for arms. On her head, Mirage Aversa wears a black crown and a visor with a gold, gnarled horn erupting from it.

Her torso is clothed with a dark purple armored dress exposing her belly. Mirage Aversa's lower horse body has spikes for hooves and large pegasus wings. It is also clad in dark purple armor with gold accents.


Due to the Grimleal's mind control, Aversa acts as a cold woman who hides her cruelty under a seductive demeanor. Thanks to Validar's brainwashing and fake memories implanted into her mind, Aversa is fiercely devoted to him and thought of him as her absolute master and almost like a surrogate father. However Validar never reciprocated this familial affection, likely because he knew that Aversa wouldn't be loyal to him if she knew the truth.

Due to this control, she complies with all the Grimleal's order, which often included beguiling the Grimleal's enemies with her charm. She tried the same with King Gangrel, but secretly had little respect for the Mad King. Gangrel eventually realized the Grimleal were trying to control him through Aversa and cast her aside shortly before his supposed death.

After Validar's death, Aversa was willing to defend Grimleal even at the expense of her life. However, according to the spotpass content, this was only due to magic spells cast on her. Her true personality lacked these negative personality traits and loathed Validar and the Grimleal.


Aversa grew up in an unnamed village, presumably in Plegia, living a simple life under the care of loving parents. One day, Validar and the Grimleal encountered Aversa and decided to kidnap her; in the Japanese version this was for unexplained reasons whilst the English version claims Aversa always had the Shadowgift skill (though this info is nowhere to be seen in the Japanese script). Validar and the Grimleal murdered Aversa's parents and then magically erased her mind. Aversa was then given magically false memories of living a harsh life on the streets as an orphan before Validar adopted her and taught her the grimleal way of life.

Due to the resulting rewrite of her mind, Aversa was deeply loyal to him and became a devout follower of the Grimleal's teachings, often acting as an agent to seduce the cult's enemies. Eventually, the cult teamed up with Gangrel, a former pauper the cult had propped up to become King of Plegia in an attempt to control the King through a puppet King. Gangrel molded the country into a Grimleal theocracy and accepted Aversa as his direct subordinate, and with her political power, she helped the Grimleal conduct inquisitions against non-believers to force them into the religion.

The Plegia-Ylisse War

When Gangrel planned to start a war with the Halidom of Ylisse, Aversa aided him in his efforts. She accompanied Gangrel to the Ylisse-Plegia border while Plegian forces attacked a nearby village and kidnapped the noblewoman Maribelle. When Ylisse's Exalt Emmeryn and her brother Chrom parlayed with the Plegians, Aversa claimed that Maribelle illegally crossed the border and injured soldiers who attempted to escort her back to her country, and Gangrel proposed a trade of Maribelle for the Fire Emblem. The talk rapidly degenerated, and Aversa moved to kill Maribelle, but was stopped when the mage Ricken cast a spell incapacitating the brigand who held her. Aversa left the erupting battle with Gangrel, believing that their soldiers were more than capable of killing Chrom's Shepherds.

During the war, Gangrel assaulted the capital of Ylisse in an attempt to claim the Fire Emblem; while he failed in that goal he was able to abduct Emmeryn. At Plegia Castle, Aversa was present when a soldier warned Gangrel of an Ylissean force storming the country. However, he failed to recognize if either Chrom or the Fire Emblem were present in the squadron, angering Aversa enough to kill him. Gangrel mollified her by pointing out that Chrom and the Emblem were very likely amongst the Ylisseans, as Chrom would put his sister before his common sense. When the time came to kill Emmeryn, Gangrel stationed her on a stone plank overlooking a cliff. As Gangrel predicted, Chrom and his Shepherds interrupted the execution, but when it seemed that Phila and her Pegasus Knights would bring Emmeryn to safety, Aversa summoned a squad of Risen archers to fell them. Gangrel offered to spare Emmeryn in exchange for the Fire Emblem, and unwilling to have Chrom bear such a choice, Emmeryn threw herself off the cliff by her own volition.

While Chrom's forces fled Plegia, Aversa and Gangrel moved to a fortress in the Border Wastes. However, Chrom quickly regained his resolve and led an attack on the Mad King. In addition, the bulk of the Plegian army, moved by Emmeryn's sacrifice, deserted in droves. Amidst all this, Aversa affirmed her loyalty to Gangrel and seductively coiled up to him, but he crassly told her to drop the act, as he knew her allegiance was with Validar alone and that she seduced people for Validar. The truth exposed, Aversa coldly left him to his fate but not before mocking about his impending doom. As the Shepherds stormed the fortress and ended the Plegia-Ylisse war, Aversa returned to Validar's side.

The Valm Crisis

In the two years following Ylisse's victory, Validar quietly became Plegia's new king, and a tenuous peace reigned on the continent of Ylisse. However, a fleet of Valmese ships arrived at Port Ferox, their leader demanding that the citizens Ylisse surrender all possessions and ships to Valm's emperor, Walhart the Conqueror. Ferox refused his demands and engaged the Valmese forces while assisted by the Shepherds. They emerged victorious, but the battle decimated the harbor and killed many in the Feroxi army. The Ylissean tactician Robin noted the might of Valm's cavalry and concluded that the sea would be the best location to fight the Valmese army. In addition, Robin advised Chrom to ally with Plegia, as the country had a strong navy. Though reluctant, Chrom requested assistance from Validar, who agreed to meet him, as Walhart's motivation for his conquest was specifically to eradicate the Grimleal. At Carrion Isle, Aversa greeted Chrom's party and conformed Validar's ascension to the Plegian throne. With Validar present, Aversa consented to Plegia's funding of the war effort against Valm, as well as the donation of eight hundred warships and two hundred transports to Ylisse. The two also introduced their Hierophant to the Shepherds, but refused to explain why they shared Robin's name and likeness.

While Plegia publicly supported Ylisse against Valm, Validar sent Aversa to covertly negotiate with Excellus, a Valmese Grimleal who had become Walhart's Tactician to spy on him and sabotage his efforts to prevent Grima's resurrection by destroying the Grimleal. The greedy Excellus further made a deal with Validar through Aversa where they'd obtain the Fire Emblem for himself, and in exchange Excellus would be allowed the Throne of Plegia until Grima's resurrection. However, Aversa's dealings proved unneeded, as the Shepherds defeated the Valmese fleet, and after a lengthy campaign in Valm, seemingly killed Walhart and Excellus in Valm's capital.

The Fell Dragon

With the Valmese Empire vanquished, Validar began to openly pursue the Fire Emblem and Robin, as both were needed to resurrect Grima. Under the pretense of offering Chrom Sable, he invited him to Plegia castle. However, the offer was a trap intended to steal the Fire Emblem, abduct Robin, and kill the Shepherds. The ambush failed in the latter two tasks, but succeeded in the first, and Validar began the ritual to revive Grima at the Dragon's Table. Aware the Shepherds were fast persuing him, Validar ordered Aversa to delay them and bring him Robin. But even with the might of the Deadlords behind her, Aversa was unsuccessful in her goals, and the Shepherds felled Validar. However, the Hierophant appeared and revealed their connection to Robin: they were a Robin from a disastrous future where Grima possessed them, killed Chrom, and emerged victorious against the human race. Using their magic, the Hierophant completed the ritual and resurrected the Fell Dragon.

Determined to prevent the Hierophant's future from coming to pass, the Shepherds journeyed to Mount Prism with a complete Fire Emblem to perform the Awakening, which would bestow the power of the Divine Dragon Naga onto the dragon slaying sword Falchion. With the rite completed, the Shepherds ventured to Origin Peak, determined to stop Grima once and for all. Standing between them and the Fell Dragon was an army of Grimleal led by Aversa. She taunted the Shepherds about their failure to prevent Grima's revival, and angrily claimed she would have her revenge for Validar's death. However, Aversa's forces were defeated and Aversa herself left for dead.

In The Outrealms

Another Aversa, hailing from an alternate Plegia that succumbed to a bad future, traveled to Old Hubba's dwelling in the Outrealms. She became both the old fortune teller's apprentice and his lover, but had an ulterior motive for joining him. When Aversa had the opportunity, she conned Old Hubba out of his deck of Einherjar cards, granting her an army of powerful warriors of legend. She summoned ten female Einherjar and directed them to kill Old Hubba, but was thwarted by the Shepherds, who arrived via the Outrealm Gate. Old Hubba offered to lend Chrom Einherjar for his cause if he successfully reclaimed his cards. The Shepherds confronted the Outrealm Aversa, who taunted her former mentor before summoning ten male Einherjar. The Shepherds emerged victorious in the resulting fight, recovered Old Hubba's deck, and forced the Outrealm Aversa to retreat. After the Shepherds' departure, Aversa visited Old Hubba once again, feigning guilt and begging forgiveness. When the fortune teller let his guard down, Aversa stole his deck once again and summoned all twenty previous Einherjar to eliminate him once and for all. Fortunately for Old Hubba, the Shepherds intervened once again and defeated all twenty warriors. With this last defeat, the Outrealm Aversa retreated for good.

Other Media

Fire Emblem Heroes

Aversa was first made available to Fire Emblem Heroes summoners on October 25, 2018 as the twenty-fifth Grand Hero Battle. Her outfit is based on her design from Fire Emblem Awakening.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE

In Tokyo Mirage Sessions, Aversa appears as a true villain in her own right rather then simply being a pawn of one. She is an ally of Medeus and Gharnef. When Gharnef orchestrated the Mass Disappearance at the opera The Pilgrimage of Heinrich, Mirage Aversa took control of Fortuna Entertainment's Ayaha Oribe, the older sister of fellow performer Tsubasa Oribe. While possessing Ayaha, Mirage Aversa took intense pleasure in exploiting her host's fears of failure and the pressures of the idol industry.

Five years after the Mass Disappearance, Ayaha attacked people at a concert organized by Fortuna member Kiria Kurono. However, Tsubasa's song weakened Mirage Aversa's hold over Ayaha, allowing Tsubasa and Fortuna's other Mirage Masters to slay her. Much later, Mirage Aversa was revived along with Medeus's other minions in Illusory Dolhr. However, she was again slain by the Mirage Masters, this time for good.


Hee hee. Looking for attention? One at a time, love.
~ Aversa battling the Shepherds outside the Dragon's Table
A sweet sentiment, and easily spoken when you bear no love for the one... But more difficult when the sacrifice was your exalted sister, wasn't it? I don't expect you to see the world through my eyes, Prince. But I won't pretend to understand how things look through yours.
~ Aversa responding to Chrom's claim that millions of lives are more important than a single person's.
Oh? I might say as much about your relationship to the prince... And please, don't lump me in with that half-witted little toad. Excellus was nothing but a pawn on our board. Another actor on our stage. His ambition was our insurance against Walhart's threat. If you had failed, he might have destroyed the empire from the inside. But in the end, he was just another puppet whose strings we had to cut.
~ Aversa talking about her and Validar's deal with Excellus to Robin.
Oh really, now, how amusing... You're so cute when you try to be clever. But Master Validar already considers you stronger and smarter than I... Whatever shall I do if he decides you're more witty as well? Perhaps I'd best kill you before you ripen and become his everything...
~ Aversa threatening Robin.
...Shhh. Nothing to worry your pretty little head over. Focus on our battle, instead! If you truly are as gifted as my master says... There is no need for me to hold back!
~ Aversa beforefighting Robin outside the Dragon's Table.
Ooh... You play rough... But the ritual has already begun. You are too late! Farewell! Perhaps we shall meet again? Oh, actually... I suppose not! Heh hah!
~ Aversa after she is defeated outside the Dragon's Table.
Murderers! You'll pay for taking Master Validar from me!
~ Aversa before battling the Shepherds at Origin Peak.
Ahh... finally... Sweet... death... Finally... the pain... F-finally... it ends...
~ Aversa after she is at Origin Peak.



  • Contrary to the localization claim of Aversa being brainwashed for her shadowgift skills, Validar mainly used Aversa as a spy and honey trap rather then magical talent.
  • Post recruitment, Aversa is still shown to hate Gangrel, noting he did all his crimes of his free will unlike her.
    • This dichotomy can be seen in their endings, whilst Aversa's ending notes she became a ordinary villager and lived a happy life, Gangrel's ending states he resumed being an evil tyrant before dying a ignominious death.
  • Aversa's backstory bares similarity to Eremiya in the prior game, as both characters appeared as beautiful female assistants to an old dark wizard (Validar for Aversa, Gharnef for Eremiya) who are revealed near the end of the game to be a brainwashed pawn of said old dark wizard.
  • For most of the game, Aversa viewed Validar like an adoptive father due to a fake history magically transfered into her mind, though he never saw their relationship as familial. After being freed from these fake memories and learning the truth, Aversa dropped all admiration for Validar and instead saw him as her father's killer.

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