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Deputy Director Avery Bullock, simply known as Avery Bullock, is the main antagonist of the adult animated comedy series American Dad!. He is the director of the Central Intelligence Agency tasked with stopping any attempts at terrorism and espionage against the United States of America and is Stan Smith's boss. Despite his position, however, he has attempted to capture Roger (an antagonist on the show himself) and often abuses his authority for personal gains.

He was voiced by Patrick Stewart, who also plays Susie Swanson on Family Guy, Professor Charles Xavier in the X-Men movies and X-Men Legends and is most famously known for playing Captain Jean-Luc Picard in the Star Trek franchise.


The boss of Stan Smith, Bullock has worked at the CIA for over 25 years. Despite his age, he is in top physical form.

Bullock often acts like a school teacher, scolding his agents when they make mistakes or acted like children. He is a very proud man and refused to negotiate with terrorists even when his wife was a hostage. Avery is not the most faithful of husbands and although he loved his wife he has slept with other women more than once. Despite his age, Bullock was able to get into quite a few romantic relationships, even sleeping with Stan's daughter Hayley. He claimed to like fat Asian women. Bullock was also very loving towards his adopted son but also revealed that the baby could be a liability.

Bullock had a wife named Miriam Bullock. She was stated to be missing in Fallujah, Iraq and chained to a radiator, until her only on-screen appearance in "One Little Word" in which she was rescued. She was brainwashed and turned into a terrorist, but recovers upon her realization she was a mother through the adoption of Avery Jr.

Villainous Roles

Bullock's villainous traits are shown in, but not limited to, these episodes:

  • "Bullocks to Stan": After developing a strong relationship with Hayley, Bullock orders Stan to kill her boyfriend Jeff. Then he tries to do so himself, all the while treating Stan like dirt for refusing to stand up to him. However when Bullock calls Hayley a ''cheap slut'' Stan finally does, causing a fight to break out between the two men, which Stan wins, and to keep Stan from killing him, Bullock claims all this test to see if Stan would stand up for his daughter, there for his country.. He's obviously making it up, but Stan seems to buy it.
  • "Roger Codger": Bullock and troops of the CIA attempt to hunt down Roger, who has escaped from Area 51 sometime ago.
  • "Four Little Words": Stan takes Bullock on a date with one of Francine's friends, Melinda. Unfortunately, Bullock ends up killing her out of his CIA reflexes, mistakenly thinking that he was under attack. He and Stan try to hide the truth from Francine with traumatizing results. One attempt to throw her off the trail includes planting a midget where the airbag in Francine's car should be so that when she starts it, he will pop out and start strangling her to death. However, Stan is the one who uses the car instead when he tries to move it so that he can use his own car, so the midget instead tries to kill him, only stopping when he sees that he isn't Francine. When Stan later lambasts Bullock for trying to kill his wife, Bullock simply tells Stan to either admit that Francine was right that a date with him (Bullock) was a bad idea (which would result in Francine saying, "I told you so"), or let Bullock kill her so that she does not keep digging into Melinda's disappearance. He ends the threat by saying (as possibly one of his darkest, most villainous, yet still somewhat comical lines ever), "And next time, Stan . . . I won't be using a midget."
  • "Stan Goes On the Pill": A pill turns Stan into a woman and only later a cure is found. Bullock tries to keep this a secret from Stan and plans to have sex with him, essentially planning to rape him.
  • "She Swill Survive": He attempts to kill Hayley.
  • In "Big Stan on Campus" it's become evident that Bullock has used much of the C.I.A.'s government-funded budget for his own personal gain, going as far as purchasing a "hover-throne" (a golden hovering throne, powered by levitating mechanical horses that also dispenses gold coins). To cover for this he makes budget cuts such as giving agents a leave of absence without severance pay and cut the spending on helicopter maintenance putting CIA pilots and their passengers in danger.
  • In "Jeff and the Dank Ass Weed Factory", when Bullock learns of an "everlasting edible", he wants the edible all to himself, as he is a known recreational drug user (particularly known for his illicit cocaine usage). Despite making little attempt to hide his true motives, he convinces his agents that this is to "Fight the War on Drugs" even though Cannabis has become legal in the state of Virginia (in American Dad Continuity only, in real life Cannabis is illegal in the State of Virginia). He abuses the fact that cannabis is illegal on a federal level to have his agents raid legal cannabis shipments to steal and acquire a "golden blunt rap" to gain entry to the factory where the edible was created. His agents don't seem to mind as they are dubious of Bullock's true motive and it appears they firmly believe in the inaccurate Anti-Cannabis propaganda perpetuated for decades, This could potentially be an exaggeration of corruption in drug law enforcement.



  • It was made clear by references to his shoes that he is well endowed, and also when Hayley says "he has a huge..." and Stan finishes the sentence with penis, even though Hayley meant heart in "Bullocks To Stan".
  • In "Daddy Queerest", he stated to Greg and Stan that he had experimented with homosexuality in boarding school.
  • Bullock joins Roger's Facebook group "Stan is a Douche" in "The Kidney Stays in the Picture".
  • He is one of many having an affair with Mrs. Lonstein in "Criss-Cross Applesauce: The Ballad Of Billy Jesusworth".


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