Dance with me, Lampy!
~ Awful Alvin with Lampy.
Just you wait, LarryBoy. Soon, I will rule Bumblyburg. Me, Awful Alvin!
~ Awful Alvin

Awful Alvin is one of the main antagonists of the animated series LarryBoy: The Cartoon Adventures. He is one of LarryBoy's enemies.

Alvin considers himself the "most awful mind of all time", and tries to prove it by creating evil schemes, inventions, and minions, which included: The Angry Eyebrows, the Over-Easy-Egg-Ray, and his fake and silent sidekick named Lampy. Alvin is known for his signature "Villainous Dance of Villainy" and evil laugh, which he sometime uses randomly. Alvin was being hyperactive when he was being evil.

He was voiced by Larry Whitaker.


Alvin lives in an underground lair beneath the memorial statue of Sir Lester Bumbly, using the statue's monocle as a telescope to spy on Bumblyburg. He lives with his henchman Lampy. Together, they tried to find ways to defeat Larry-Boy and take over Bumblyburg.

His master plan was to unleash his armada of Angry Eyebrows to make the citizens of Bumblyburg go mad. Things go well until Larry-Boy tries to stop his dastardly deeds, and decides make him angry and still the eyebrows on him. But this fails, and commands his armada to destroy the plunger head hero.


Awful Alvin is a scallion with bushy brownish-green eyebrows, green hair and fangs. He wears a high-collared Dracula-type cape, a purple vest with belt. He also wears a monocle on his right eye, which enlarges one of his eyes and gives him a crazed appearance.



  • According to various crew members, Awful Alvin was originally a Avocado. However, they changed him to a scallion because they did not feel like an avocado had enough feeling to it (plus, they cannot dance).
    • Tom Brancroft also stated he was also gonna be an artichoke.
  • In some promo shots, he had the monocle on his right eye.
  • According to the story treatment, he was gonna be a Lex Luthor type of villain with an Igor type of assistant. He was also getting revenge at LarryBoy for locking him up many years ago. This might explain why he states "My revenge is complete" in the episode.
  • In one of the original postponed covers, he was originally have two henchmen before they stick with Lampy.


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