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AxeKnightmon, known as DarkKnightmon in Xros Wars, is the admiral and second highest-ranked member of the Bagra Army (joined in the beginning of the second half of the anime), the leader of Midnight, Lord Bagra's younger brother, and the secondary antagonist in both the anime and manga of Digimon Xros Wars/Fusion, and also a major antagonist and Gatomon’s corrupted Ultimate form in Digimon Adventure:.


AxeKnightmon is an Unknown/Ultimate level Digimon that resembles the combined form of SkullKnightmon and Axemon. He/she resembles a tall knight-like figure where SkullKnightmon forms the figure. He/she has a golden chest shaped like a letter W, SkullKnightmon’s head on his/her right shoulder and has axe-like feet resembling Axemon’s front feet. He/she wields a twin crimson spear, and is armed with Axemon’s axe head-like torso on his/her left shoulder. He/she wears a black cape and his/her head and has a skeleton-like face with yellow eyes.


Digimon Fusion (Xros Wars) (anime)

SkullKnightmon is the leader of the Midnight Army, along with Axemon, though he spends most of his time as AxeKnightmon. It’s been later confirmed that he is Bagramon's younger brother. When the Darkness Loader was complete, AxeKnightmon eventually combined the Midnight Army, betrayed Nene and joined the Bagra Army as he commands the Dark Generals, and Ewan (Nene’s younger brother) became the Midnight general.

After the Death Generals were defeated for the first time, AxeKnightmon used some sort of enchantment to revive all the Death Generals as mindless slaves. He then processes to combine all seven Death Generals so they can become GrandGeneramon.

After the Dark Generals were defeated for a second time, AxeKnightmon and Bagramon decided to fight against the Fusion Fighters.

AxeKnightmon betraying Bagramon.

However AxeKnightmon's true intention was revealed during the fight. AxeKnightmon wanted to steal his brother's power, so he both betrayed and stabbed Bagramon in the back, and absorbed his older brother's data to form Darkest AxeKnightmon. It seemed that AxeKnightmon acquired a huge ammount of power, however, Bagramon easily took over, killed his younger brother as revenge for betraying him, and altered their appearance to form the true Megadarkness Bagramon.

Digimon Xros Wars (manga)

DarkKnightmon is one of the main villains in the Manga version of Digimon Xros Wars. He's the leader of the Magna version of the Twilight Army. DarkKnightmon actually has multiple alternate forms. All of them are his Darkness Mode but he absorbs several Digimon to make himself stronger. He eventually absorbed Millenniummon and became ZeedMillenniummon.

Digimon Adventure:

While SkullKnightmon fought Agumon and Gabumon in their Champion forms and later Ultimate forms, SkullKnightmon asked Devimon to make her Digivolve, and Devimon granted her wish and used Millenniummon’s dark crystal to Digivolve her to AxeKnightmon. She got the upper hand while fighting MetalGreymon and WereGarurumon until WereGarurumon became his Sagittarius Mode for the first time and wiped out AxeKnightmon, destroying Devimon’s castle (which was actually ElDradimon) and saving Takeru and Angemon’s Digi-Egg.

Having survived the destruction, AxeKnightmon digivolved a weakened NeoDevimon into DanDevimon before escaping with DarkMaidramon. When Taichi and the other Digidestined arrived at the Server Continent, AxeKnightmon attacks them, and Patamon Digivolves to Angemon to fight her, but their fight caused the Digidestined and their partners flying into separate areas of the Continent, and forcing AxeKnightmon to de-Digivolve to SkullKnightmon and Angemon to de-Digivolve to Patamon.

After kidnapping Taichi’s little sister, Hikari, SkullKnightmon Digivolves to AxeKnightmon once again. She uses Hikari as an attempted sacrifice to resurrect Millenniummon. Taichi and WarGreymon rescue Hikari and Gatomon’s spirit and defeat AxeKnightmon, reverting back to her true form, Gatomon.

Other Forms

  • MusoKnightmon
  • SkullKnightmon
  • Axemon
  • Darkest AxeKnightmon
  • DarkKnightmon Darkness Mode (Duskmon)- (manga Only)
  • DarkKnightmon Darkness Mode (Gulfmon)- (manga Only)
  • DarkKnightmon Darkness Mode (Blastmon)- (manga Only)
  • DarkKnightmon Darkness Mode (Lilithmon)- (magna Only)
  • ZeedMillenniummon



  • Twin Spear
  • Shoulder Blade
  • Undead Soldier



  • AxeKnightmon is voiced by Kirk Thornton, who also voices as Tactimon.
  • Unlike the version in Digimon Fusion, AxeKnightmon is female in Digimon Adventure:, and the corrupted form of Gatomon.
  • Inspired by the SkullKnightmon and DeadlyAxemon Xros figures that came with a Gatomon Digi-memory, the development team decided to use AxeKinghtmon as Gatomon’s corrupted Ultimate form as it was decided that Gatomon would transform into a dark Digimon.
  • Unlike the SkullKnightmon and Axemon Digifusing into AxeKnightmon in Digimon Fusion, in Digimon Adventure:, SkullKnightmon can digivolve to AxeKnightmon without Axemon.


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