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Axel's Father is a minor antagonist in Twisted Metal 2. He only appears in Axel's Ending.


Axel's father is a middle aged man working on a farm in Kansas. Divorced, he took his son and raised the child on a farm. He named his son Axel

Axel and his father lived a happy life. When Axel was fifteen, he lost the ability to understand his father. Frustrated, his father hired a scientist to place Axel in a Hellish contraption. Axel's arms and legs where fused to a pair of oversized wheels. He was left to rot in the machine forever.

20 years later, Axel competed in the Twisted Metal contest. He won and went to see the head of Twisted Metal. For Axel's prize, he wished to have the courage needed to confront his own father.

Days later, Axel visited the farm in Kansas where he was raised. Opening the doors to a barn, Axel confronted his father who was hammering metal. Axel asked his father to be released from his contraption. His father thought Axel is still stupid and didn't deserve to be realeased. Angered, Axel worked up the courage and broke free from his nightmarish contraption. He then wandered off into the Kansas fields while his father was shocked after witnessing what just happened.


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