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Axel is a petty criminal who appeared in the Henry Danger episode Man of the House.

He's portrayed by Michael Kupisk.

Axel is a man who steals Siren's purse in the episode. This causes Captain Man to move into Siren's house to wait for Axel when he actually wants to stay and be the dad in her family. Eventually, Charlotte finds out that Axel was trying to sell her purse online and he had put in the ad that it was stolen. They buy the purse and Axel shows up at Henry's house. Henry grabs the purse from him, but then Captain Man gives Axel the purse and tells him not to escape so that Captain Man can stay at their house longer. Axel escapes and Captain Man makes Charlotte go after him. Charlotte eventually tackles Axel and brings him back with the purse.


  • He's similar to Jeff also from Henry Danger, since they're both Imcompetent thieves who revealed they were guilty. But unlike Jeff, Axel is a One-Shot villain.


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