Who is it that dares disturb the tranquility of this place?
~ Axel as Rayman enters the room, Rayman 2: The Great Escape (PlayStation version)

Axel (also known as the Guardian of the Sanctuary of Water and Ice) is a villain and boss character from Rayman 2: The Great Escape. He is also the Guardian of the first Mask of Polokus.


When Rayman wants to get the first Mask, he has to defeat Axel. It isn't difficult, as Axel takes only one hit to be destroyed, unlike most bosses in the series. Axel attacks by throwing icicles at Rayman who has to get close enough to shoot an overhanging icicle with his magic first, causing it fall down on Axel's head. His next fate is different in every version of the game. He usually explodes and evaporates into the air, but in the PlayStation version, he slowly sinks into the fountain below him.

Axel does not appear to be completely evil - like other Guardians, he has to protect the first Mask before strangers. According to cutscenes from the PlayStation version where Rayman talks to the guardians Axel, Umber and Foutch, Axel takes Rayman as a thief who wants to steal the Mask. To him, only strength and bravery is enough to convince him.


  • Axel's French name, Agagl, is an onomatopoeia for the feeling of cold.
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