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Axelle is one of the main antagonists of Hostel II. She is very similar to Natalya, Svetlana and Alexi, who have the same motives and goals to get innocent victims injured, tortured, and killed by the Clients.

She was portrayed by Vera Jordanova.


Axelle seduced Beth Salinger and her two friends Whitney and Lorna at the drawing-place, to visit Slovakia, which they do. She even tried to buy Beth's drawing since she really liked it. They end up arriving in Slovakia, and they end up going to a festival. Lorna gets seduced by Roman, which goes with Roman on a boat ride with him, which escalates in Roman kidnapping her and bringing her to Mrs. Bathory.

Beth gets worried about it, and speaks to Axelle and Whitney about it, and Axelle calms her down, telling her that she will wait for Lorna to come back from her date. The next day, all of them are chilling in a hot bath relaxing, which escalates in Beth getting approached by thugs and she manages to escape from them, going inside of the woods, where she gets attacked by the Bubblegum Gang. Axelle rescues Beth along with Sasha Rassimov, which shoots and kills one of the members of the gang.

Axelle and Sasha then bring her inside of Sasha's giant mansion. Beth was resting in a bed, until two big men came and kidnapped Beth in the house. Future on, Beth manages to escape from the torturing factory, where she killed the torturer which supposed to torture her, and she became a new member of the Elite Hunting organization ran by Sasha.

At the end of the film, Axelle is seen seducing new people at the festival. One of the members of the Bubblegum Gang, then managed to steal Axelle's purse. Axelle follows him until Axelle tripped over. Beth appears in front of Axelle then, taking a large axe and chop her head off. Once Axelle's head is gone, the Bubblegum Gang members start playing football with it.


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