Axis Powers, or The Axis, was an alliance of several countryballs which took part in WWII against the Allied Forces. Despite its strength, however, it lost the war with most of its members ending up dead. 

Notable members

Nazi Germanyball

Replaced its brother, Weimar Republicball, after winning the elections in 1933. Planned to kill all Jews in the world and enslave Slavs. He anchlussed Austriaball and Czechoslovakiaball and took over Poland, France (except African colonies), Benelux countryballs, Greece, part of USSRball. He got defeated in 1945 when Allied forces entered Berlin, his leader committed suicide and Nazi Germany's clay was divided between USSRball, USAball, UKball, and Franceball.

Kingdom of Italyball

Italy became fascist in 1922 when Benito Mussolini came to power, which inspired Nazi Germany. He took over Ethiopia in 1936. During WWII he invaded Yugoslavia and tried to invade Greece. In 1943 Mussolini was overthrown, he became monarchist again and joined the Allies. However, Italian Social Republicball was still fighting against him for a while. In 1946, he became a republic.

Empire of Japanball

Japan came into existence in 1867 as a united Japan. He fought Russia in 1905 and won, took over Korea in 1910. In 1937, he attacked Republic of Chinaball, kidnapped and raped him. In 1941 he attacked Pearl Harbor and started the war with the USAball. In 1945, America dropped nuclear bombs on his clay and occupied him. Empire of Japan existed until 1947, after that he either reformed into modern Japanball or died from radiation.


Allies (not in the alliance)

  • Francoist Spainball
  • Portugalball
  • Pahlavi Iranball


  • USAball (until 1941)
  • USSRball (until 1941)
  • Switzerlandball


  • The Allies:
    • UKball
    • Dominion of Canadaball
    • British Rajball
    • British Malayaball
    • Australiaball
    • New Zealandball
    • Franceball (later Free Franceball)
    • USSRball
    • USAball
    • Republic of Chinaball
    • Communist Chinaball
    • Polandball
    • Brazilball
    • Norwayball
    • Turkeyball
    • Greeceball
    • Philippinesball
    • Cubaball
    • Others
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