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Axis Zeon, later known as Neo-Zeon, is a major antagonistic faction in the Gundam franchise, serving as major antagonists in Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam and later as the main antagonistic faction of Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ. They are an army of renegade Zeon soldiers who took refuge at the Zeon Axis Asteroid Base following the end of the One Year War.

They are one of the three major factions involved in the Gryps War alongside AEUG and the Titans. After the war ended in the destruction of the Titans and the crippling of the AEUG, Axis Zeon/Neo Zeon emerged as the most powerful faction in the Earth Sphere and launched their own bid to conquer Earth, starting the First Neo Zeon War.


After the Principality of Zeon became the Republic of Zeon and formally stepped down its offensive, nearly half of the remaining Zeon forces disobeyed orders and fled the Earth sphere, regrouping at the Axis base to rebuild and reorganize in secrecy. Even the great Char Aznable made Axis his new home.

Their leader, Maharaja Karn, a former member of Degwin Zabi's inner circle, declared Mineva Zabi, the infant child of Dozle Zabi, the heir to the Principality. He appointed himself regent and took charge of the Zeon remnant until Mineva became old enough to rule herself.

The Axis Zeons then set to work on converting Axis from a resource mine to a military fortress. In order to, constructing the Mosa block of living quarters to accommodate the 30,000 refugees.

In May of UC 0081, Mineva's mother died, and in 0083, following the completion of Mosa, Maharaja Karn also passed away. To fill the leadership vacuum, Char Aznable proposed they make Maharaja's 16-year-old daughter, Haman Karn, the new regent. The Axis executive council approved the nomination, and Haman stepped up as leader.

Haman's charisma allowed her to rally the people under her cause and raise morale and productivity in the colony. Haman proposed they return to Earth and forcefully reestablish the Zabi family dictatorship.


While Mineva Lao Zabi, heir of the Zabi Family, is nominally the ruler of Axis-Zeon, it is her regent Haman Karn who holds the true power in Axis and is the one recognized as the supreme leader of the Axis forces. When Axis was first established as a refuge for fleeing Zeon loyalists, it was originally governed by a ruling council headed by Admiral Maharaja Karn, but after Maharaja died his daughter Haman succeeded him and centralized all power beneath her. As Axis is an effective military dictatorship, its leadership is primarily comprised of high-ranking officers within its military. While some of Axis' officials are former military officers who served the original Principality of Zeon, many are the children of Zeon refugees who fled to Axis and who have been conditioned to be absolutely loyal to Haman.

Foreign Relations

Anti-Earth Union Group

During the Gryps War, Axis both attacked and allied with the AEUG when convenient for them, playing both the AEUG and Titans against each other while they built up power from the shadows. While assisting the AEUG occasionally, due to ideological differences (and the grudge Axis Supreme Leader Haman Karn and AEUG Lieutenant Char Aznable shared with each other) these alliances never lasted for long. Whereas the AEUG sought more rights for Spacenoids and to encourage peaceful migration into space, Axis desired to dominate both the Earth and the colonies under a dictatorship with the Zabi family as figureheads. Eventually, at the end of the conflict, Axis would ally with the Titans after Paptimus Scirocco seized power within them to defeat the AEUG, resulting in a battle that left both the AEUG and the Titans decimated and Axis as the strongest power in the Earth Sphere.

In the First Neo Zeon War, due to the Earth Federation choosing to sit the conflict out and negotiate with Haman, the rag-tag AEUG became the primary opposition to Haman's Neo-Zeon and their conquest of the Earth Sphere.


Initially, Axis Zeon shared a more hostile relationship with the Titans than it did the AEUG due to the numerous atrocities the Titans committed against Spacenoids. Though Titans Supreme Commander Jamitov Hymem sought out an alliance with Haman and Axis several times, Haman consistently rejected his offers, preferring to use the opportunity as an attempt to kill him. Later, after the Titans separated from the Earth Federation Forces and Paptimus Scirocco usurped control, Axis, which had been prepping themselves for an invasion of Earth for some time, allied with Scirocco's Titans to defeat the AEUG. After the Titans forces were nearly wiped out in the final battle of the Gryps War, several surviving Titans would go on to join Axis.

Earth Federation

The stated goal of the Axis/Neo Zeon forces, to move into Earth and establish a regime led by the Zabi Family, puts them against the dominant government of Earth, the Earth Federation. While Neo Zeon sought to topple the Earth Federation, the Earth Federation, not wanting another full scale conflict like the One Year War, instead attempted to make peace and negotiate with Haman. However, as soon as Axis became divided by a civil war between Haman and Glemy loyalists, the Earth Federation immediately launched a joint attack with the AEUG on Axis to eradicate the threat of Neo Zeon.

Glemy Faction

The Glemy Faction is a splinter movement within Axis led by Glemy Toto seeking to overthrow Haman and install Glemy Toto, who had a blood relation with Gihren Zabi, as ruler. While Mineva Lao Zabi was officially the ruler of Axis, it was an open secret to both the Earth Federation and Axis' own citizens that Haman was the true ruler of Axis. Thus, the Glemy Faction sought to fully restore the Zabi Family to power by ousting Haman. The civil war with the Glemy Faction proved devastating for Axis, as it provided an opening for both the AEUG and Earth Federation to strike.



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