Axis Zeon is an antagonistic faction in the Neo-Zeon movement and a major antagonistic faction in the Gundam franchise. They are an army of renegade Zeon who took refuge at the Zeon Axis Base.

They are the main antagonistic faction of Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ, though they were first introduced in Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam as major antagonists.


After the Principality of Zeon became the Republic of Zeon and formally stepped down its offensive, nearly half of the remaining Zeon forces disobeyed orders and fled the Earth sphere, regrouping at the Axis base to rebuild and reorganize in secrecy. Even the great Char Aznable made Axis his new home.

Their leader, Maharaja Karn, a former member of Degwin Zabi's inner circle, declared Mineva Zabi, the infant child of Dozle Zabi, the heir to the Principality. He appointed himself regent and took charge of the Zeon remnant until Mineva became old enough to rule herself.

The Axis Zeons then set to work on converting Axis from a resource mine to a military fortress. In order to, constructing the Mosa block of living quarters to accommodate the 30,000 refugees.

In May of UC 0081, Mineva's mother died, and in 0083, following the completion of Mosa, Maharaja Karn also passed away. Char Aznable proposed they make Maharaja's 16-year-old daughter, Haman Karn, the new regent. The Axis executive council approved the nomination, and Haman stepped up as leader.

Haman's charisma allowed her to rally the people under her cause and raise morale and productivity in the colony. Haman proposed they return to Earth and forcefully reestablish the Zabi family.



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