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Ay is a minor antagonist in DreamWorks' 28th full-length animated feature film Mr. Peabody and Sherman. He is King Tut's vizier, the Egyptians' leader and Penny's arch-enemy.

He was voiced by Steve Valentine.


He first appeared telling Penny what happens in the marriage, as one of his own traditions, but when Penny regretted for being part of the marriage due to the painful price, Ay imprisoned Sherman and Mr. Peabody while the guards took Penny away. Later on, Ay is seen smiling in an evil way when Penny came with Tut up the stairs, because he was planning to kill her. When Peabody and Sherman managed to escape, Ay believed them when they made a sound of Anubis until the mouth of the Anubis statue fell down and Ay saw who was behind it. Ay later took out his sword, revealing that he has planned to kill Penny throughout the marriage and he later sent the Egyptians to execute the trio until they went into a time machine, although Tut told Penny to run away. He was later seen in the modern world along with various other historical figures. After getting sent back, he was seen dancing with the other Egyptians



  • Ay bears a striking resemblance to Pharaoh Seti I from Dreamwork's The Prince of Egypt.
  • Although Ay is a minor antagonist in the film, he turned out to be more dangerous than Ms. Grunion (the film's main antagonist).


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