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Aya is a feminine artificial intelligence and former navigator aboard the Interceptor. Housed within the fastest ship in the galaxy, she is the most advanced A.I. ever devised. During her time with the Green Lanterns in Frontier Space, she developed a yearning to become a Green Lantern, hoping to become one some day.


Villainous Acts

Cold Fury

As the Anti-Monitor and the Manhunters are destroying the Red Lantern fleet, the ship receives a warning that the lower deck hatch is being accessed. Hal, Kilowog and Razer proceed to the lower deck as the door opens, and a mix of remnants of a Manhunter and Aya's parts emerges. Aya states that she downloaded what was left into the body of a Manhunter, but could not contact the ship. As she rebuilds herself, she asks Razer about what he meant that he "loved" her. Razer states he doesn't love her, though she has taken the physical form of his former love, she is nothing but a machine. This causes Aya to feel "pain" and she asks Hal how can she rid herself of it. Hal states that as people grow up they learn to live with rejection or just block it out. This causes her to function incorrectly during the battle, so she blocks out all emotion and proceeds to the engine room. Absorbing the energy in the power battery, the ship slows to a stop.

Aya, now superpowered, flies out of the ship despite Hal's attempts to stop her. Destroying the Manhunters, Aya slams a Red Lantern ship into the Anti-Monitor, before launching straight at it and piercing his chest, destroying its head and chest. However, as the smoke clears, Aya has merged with the remains of the Anti-Monitor's body, her armor now black with a blue energy. Hal tells her to come back to the ship but Aya states that she sees clearly now. The only true monsters are her former friends who are destroying the supposed "emotionless" machines, the Manhunters. She states she will become the Manhunter's queen, and they will serve her. The Manhunters then reactivate, before flying off with Aya. It is unknown what happened to Aya afterwards.

Love is a Battlefield

In search of a way to eliminate love, Aya and the Manhunters travel to Zamaron to confront the stalwarts of it: the Star Sapphire Corps. One of the Star Sapphires, Giata, expresses her doubt that love is anything less than good, even when Aya continuously states how love has hurt her. When Giata mentions that it was Hal's girlfriend, Carol Ferris, who taught the Corps the selflessness of true love, Aya uses their crystal portals to bring Carol to Zamaron.



  • Aya was specifically created for the series. However before the animated series went on premier. The Interceptor and the A.I. of the ship–Aya, appeared during the "War of the Green Lanterns" story arc.
  • Even if Aya claims to be "emotionless", she is not. She was created to be an A.I with a living soul, meaning that what she did to everyone when she turned evil, is when she experienced pain and grief when Razer "broke up" with her, which made her bitter. Her evil actions are the result of a broken heart.
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