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We are Agito! The twin wings that soar to freedom!
~ Ayaha and Otoha

Ayaha and Otoha are a pair of minor antagonists in Dragalia Lost. Twins, they both work for the Agito as their Fire-based members. Otoha is voiced by Iori Nomizu in the original Japanese version and by Caitlyn Bairstow in the English translation. Ayaha is voiced by an uncredited actor in both the Japanese and English versions of the game.


Ayaha and Otoha are a pair of twins with pale skin as well as black and white hair. Otoha has a small horn on the left side of her face while Ayaha has a horn on the right. They dress in white and red kimonos with detached sleeves and black sandals. Otoha's skirt is colored purple while Ayaha's is colored blue.

Powers and Abilities

Otoha wields an axe while Ayaha wields a fan. Their attacks involve attacking in a straight line from each twin is facing which could happen simultaneously or one at a time, launching projectile attacks, utilizing an attack that takes up a massive portion of the arena in the middle, and each firing a beam that rotates in a clockwise matter.

When they transform, they fuse into a butterfly-like creature and can no longer attack individually, but have attacks such as a swiping attack.




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