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Aylis Navarre

Quiet. Class has already started. Today's lesson will be "practical". Now...kill.
~ Ayliss Navarre ordering the “class members” to kill each other.

Aylis Navarre is a seemingly kind teacher from the Danmachi Memoria Freese campaign Nightmare Academia who is later revealed to be murderous.


She has long blonde hair, pale skin, and gold-colored eyes with eyebags under them.

Her choice of attire is a carbon copy of Ais Wallenstein’s “Starving Mind” getup as she wears a tattered red and black dress, a choker with a gem on it, and a rose with a black ribbon.


Her true nature is revealed when she suddenly orders her “students” to kill each other. Horrified by the fight, Bell tries to stop it which leads to him getting on Aylis’s nerves and her calling him a “rotten egg” for questioning her command, leaving him with a choice to obey her order or kill her in a duel. Reluctantly, Bell chooses the latter option and cuts her down. Mortally wounded, Aylis commends Bell for winning the fight moments before dissolving into dark magic.

Later on after Baldo’s death, Fels (in his ghost guise.) explains to Bell and company that the world they’re in is a dream world that was constructed with “characters” based on the memories of the people kidnapped by the world, leading to Liliruca Arde realizing that it’s the reason Aylis resembled Ais to which Fels confirms.



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