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This is the start of your new life, Brian; a life without worry or pain or loneliness, a life filled instead with colors and music and euphoria, a life of light and pleasure.
~ Aylmer influencing Brian to use his liquid.

Aylmer is the main antagonist of the 1988 comedy horror film Brain Damage. He is a brain-eating alien parasite who manipulates Brian in feeding him human brains in exchange for his addictive "brain juice".

He was voiced by the late John Zacherle, who was best known for being a television horror host.


Aylmer is a small, dark blue leech-like creature with a rounded head. He has two blue eyes and his mouth consists of razor sharp teeth and blue tentacles. From these tentacles, Aylmer can extract human brain matter and turn them into his "brain juice".


Aylmer is a savage alien that only seeks to eat human brains. He carries no remorse for anyone he slaughters, seeing them only as food sources. He uses manipulation to trick others into unfair deals to obtain brains from people around the host without their detection. Although Aylmer acts in a polite fashion to Brian, he cares nothing about Brian and is only using him as his pawn to carry out his brain feast. The liquid Aylmer uses to drug Brian is only to make Brian unaware of Aylmer's true intentions. When Brian testifies against Aylmer, he suffers nightmarish illusions all for Aylmer's amusement.


Aylmer is an alien that arrived on Earth centuries ago. He was coveted by humans due to his addictive blue fluid he secretes that drugs the human brain. From generations he was handed down into the hands of elderly couple Morris and Martha, who kept him alive by feeding him animal brains. Aylmer grows tired of animal brains and escapes from their bathtub out into the streets of Manhattan to eat human brains.

Aylmer ends up in the apartment of Brian, who he encourages to trust and inserts liquid into Brian's brain, which Brian quickly becomes addicted to. He begins to seclude himself in indulgence to Aylmer's liquid, isolating himself from his brother and girlfriend Barbara. Aylmer offers more liquid if Brian can "take him on walks" around the city. What Brian does not know is Aylmer is using him as a pawn to eat human brains without detection. Brian takes Aylmer across the town still high on the influence, taking his partying to an isolated junkyard. An officer attempts to restrain Brian, only for Aylmer to lunge out of Brian's pocket to eat his brain. Later in a nightclub, Brian is about to make love to a woman on the roof only for Aylmer to eat her brain. Down in the alley, Brian encounters Morris who goes on a long frantic exposition rant on the parasite's history, warning Brian not to fall for his influence like so many before him.

Brian soon realizes from Morris' words and the blood on his pants from the girl about Aylmer's true intention of using him to get away with killing people. He tries to get rid of Aylmer, but Aylmer insists that he owns Brian and suggests having more of his liquid. Brian tries to testify only to suffer disturbing illusions that dwindle his sanity. Aylmer mocks Brian through his withdrawal and insists to feed him more brains, to which Brian reluctantly accepts. After helping Aylmer kill a man in a motel bathroom, Brian is drugged and under Aylmer's influences once more. Brian dreams of eating Barbara's brain, and takes her home on the subway after she sleeps with Brian's brother. While Brian is still in a drugged state, Aylmer bursts through his mouth and kills Babara without Brian's knowledge.

At the film's climax, Morris and Martha confront Brian and attempt to forcefully reclaim Aylmer. Holding Brian at gun point, they retrieve Aylmer from the back of Brian's head, but Aylmer fights back and attacks the two, killing Martha. As Aylmer feeds Brian more of the liquid, Morris uses only half of his thoughts to strangle and crush Aylmer while Brian painfully receives an overload of the liquid. Following Morris and Aylmer's deaths, Brian attempts suicide by shooting himself with Morris' gun, only for the bullet to shoot through a glowing hole in his head.


  • The song Aylmer sings as Brian goes through withdrawal is the 1941 jazz standard Elmer's Tune by Glenn Miller.
  • He was ranked #3 on Watchmojo's "Top 10 Lesser-Known Movie Monsters".
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