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Sometimes we must go looking for our demons... And sometimes, they find us.
~ Kuro'sagol attacks Yasuo in Kin of the Stained Blade.

The Azakana are a villainous race of lesser demons that appears in the lore of the fantasy MOBA videogame series League of Legends.

Predatory entities that feast on negative emotions, the Azakana are a cruel race of demons that psychologically manipulate their prey before devouring them whole. Since the Noxian invasion of Ionia, their presence in the First Lands has increased dramatically due to the rise in death and despair, known to hunt down characters such as Yasuo and his older brother, the undead demon hunter Yone.



Not much is known about the Azakana, except that they are demonic creatures within Ionian folklore that feed on human beings, first working up an appetite by feeding on the negative emotions of their prey before taking form and devouring them whole. While Azakana are not true demons such as Tahm Kench or Evelynn, they have the capability to grow more powerful and monstrous by feeding over time, before finally manifesting into a true demonic form.

While Azakana traditionally were not a major threat to the inhabitants of Ionia, the Noxian invasion left entire cities destroyed and many people unburied, leading to much sorrow and despair in the once peaceful land. As a result, the Azakana have grown in numbers and in power, seeking out the depressed, afraid, and angry in hopes of feeding on their emotions.

One such Azakana even made his way into the spirit realm in hopes of consuming the soul of Yone, the older half-brother of Yasuo whom the later was forced to kill in a duel. Yone noticed the demon before it consumed him, and after a battle that lasted many years in the real world, Yone emerged victorious, but not before the Azakana corrupted the Windchaser with dark magic, infusing himself as a mask on Yone's face.

Yone defeating Kuro'sagol.

Not long after Yone's return from the spirit world, another Azakana by the name of Kuro'sagol hunted down Yasuo, disguising himself as a kind elder during the Spirit Blossom Festival. The demon tormented Yasuo with images from his past, and would've killed Yasuo had Yone not shown up at the last moment and saved his brother. When Yasuo decided to face his past instead of running from it, he fought the demon alongside Yone, and Kuro'sagol was soon sealed by the two brothers.

The Azakana remain hungry and at large in the land of Ionia, so even with Yone hunting them down, there may be too many for him to capture all on his own. And with a second Noxian invasion on the horizon, there's no telling the suffering the demons will be able to feed on for years to come.





  • By saying the name of an Azakana when they are defeated, a person can imprison them within a mask of raw, contained emotion. This is how Yone defeats Kuro'sagol in Kin of the Stained Blade.
    • Yone is currently seeking the name of the Azakana he met in the spirit realm so he can remove the mask and be free of the demon's power.
  • When Yone encounters Fiddlesticks, he wonders if the Azakana might resemble the creature when they reach full strength, implying that Fiddlesticks was once an Azakana before evolving to a more advanced form.
    • Azakana is only a Ionian term to refer to lesser demons in League of Legends lore, meaning that all demons start at this phase at the first point of their existence. This means that even extremely powerful demons like Fiddlesticks or the Ten Kings are obligatorily bound to start as Azakanas.


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