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Every meal I don't approve of is nothing more than fodder. Fodder for animals.
~ Azami explaining his philosophy.

Azami Nakiri, also known as by his real name as Azami Nakamura, is the main antagonist of Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma. He is the abusive father of Erina Nakiri and raised her harshly to be the perfect cook after his wife, Mana Nakiri abandoned him and their daughter. Due to his extreme nature, when it came to cooking, he was banished from the Elite Cooking School Totsuki. He returned to "correct the school's mistake", being that it allowed so many cooks to graduate, who were worthless in his eyes. Until he was once again banished from the academy after his subordinates' defeat against Soma Yukihira, Erina and their friends.

He was voiced by Shō Hayami, who has also played Sosuke Aizen and Vanilla Ice in the Japanese version. He was also voiced by Ian Sinclair in the English dubbed version, who also voiced Bokuto Koutaro from Haikyuu.


Azami is a man in his forties with pale skin. He has black hair, with the exception of a white streak going through it. He wears an almost completely black suit and attire with a white tie and black gloves.


Azami's influence over Erina.

Azami is very arrogant and a perfectionist, wanting to create an elite of only the best possible chefs. He psychologically tormented his daughter into doing whatever he pleases, to the point where she is frightened by his mere look. He trained her to throw food, that isn't worth into the trash. He shows little affection towards her and also keeps her from social contact, even destroying letters sent by her cousin.

Every meal that isn't beyond perfection, is in his eyes nothing more than animal fodder. He also looks down on people who eat such food. He believes only a select few people should be allowed to taste such good dining. The only person, whom he every admired was Joichiro Yukihira, Soma's father. He doesn't tolerate any misbehavior from his subordinates. He comes across as very cold and almost acts like a dictator.


Azami arrives at Totsuki after years of absence, shocking everyone. By convincing 6 of the Elite Ten members, he managed to banish his father-in-law, the director of the academy and take it over. Azami closed down all cooking clubs and created an elite group of chefs. His regime was harsh and allowed no creative freedom for the cooks. Anyone straying from his own approved recipe was immediately kicked out of the school. Erina fled from his house with the assistance of her cousin, Alice, and hid in the dormitory of her friends.

When he notices some resistance by the students, he tries to put them through corrupt and unfair challenges. They did manage to win and eventually beat all of the Elite Ten members. After defeating his subordinates, he was forced to give the position of director to his daughter and exiled from the school again as well of all the former academy students (including those from the Polar Star Dorm) reenrolled to the academy and their expulsions gotten terminated. The cooking clubs have been reinstated. Azami did admit, that the chefs who beat him, are extraordinary.

Azami returned two years later during the BLUE arc, when he revealed he purposefully wanted to eliminate the local restaurants and promote the gourmet ones to help his ex-wife Mana Nakiri with problems with her God Tongue, thereby forcing Erina to reject the "sub-par" food. He later accepts Asahi Saiba as his son after the revelation that he's his illegitimate child.