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Do you have any idea what it feels like to be alive for thousands of years, only to realize that you're going to die because some self-righteous cop decides he's going to save the f-cking world?
~ Azazel
See you around!
~ Azazel's most famous quote and final words.

Azazel is a demonic spirit and the main antagonist of the 1998 neo-noir supernatural thriller movie Fallen.

He was portrayed in his various human forms by several actors, including:


In the time of Noah, a group of angels were cast down and were stripped of their earthly forms, they can only be on Earth by possessing a body, Azazel was one of these fallen angels.

Philadelphia Police Detective John Hobbes in a snowy forest, narrates of how he "almost died." In the present day, Hobbes gains notoriety for capturing serial killer Edgar Reese. After Reese is executed, Hobbes and his partner Jonesy investigate a string of murders by an apparent copycat killer. Eventually Hobbes tracks down the killer and confronts him alone, where the man makes a startling claim: he is the same killer Hobbes sentenced to death, but not Edgar Reese; rather, he is the demon Azazel, and was possessing Reese's body during the murders. Before Reese died, he vowed to get revenge on Hobbes, his friends, and family.

Azazel claims he can possess any person merely by touching them. One of the few exceptions is Detective Hobbes, which has turned Azazel's ire at the Detective for capturing him into an obsession. Hobbes is skeptical of Azazel's claims until the demon begins to sing "Time Is on My Side", then begins to possess people via touch, continuing to sing the song as he moves from body to body before fading away into the crowd of people on the street. Hobbes realizes that Azazel can be drawn out by speaking Syrian-Aramaic, a language that has been around for thousands of years, which is the only way to find out who is possessed and who is not.

Hobbes follows a lead from a riddle Azazel gave him concerning Robert Milano, a decorated cop who committed suicide in his mountain cabin 30 years earlier. Hobbes locates Milano's daughter, Gretta, who explains that her father was framed for corruption and killed himself to avoid his eventual conviction. When Hobbes journeys to the cabin, he finds a clue uncovering a deeper truth: when he died Milano was trying to kill Azazel. Hobbes begins to realize that Azazel wants the Apocalypse to start as soon as possible.

To provoke Hobbes, Azazel possesses his nephew Sam and attacks John's intellectually disabled brother Art in their home. He flees into other people on the street, ending up in a schoolteacher. As the teacher, Azazel draws a gun and forces Hobbes to shoot his host in front of a group of bystanders. Hobbes comes to realize that Azazel can transfer from body to body upon his host's death and inhabit anyone—including Hobbes.

Lieutenant Stanton informs Hobbes that his fingerprints were found at one of the murder scenes and along with the bizarre circumstances of the shooting of the teacher Azazel possessed, he has become a suspect for all the murders. Azazel inhabits several of the witnesses and gives false accounts that the shooting was unprovoked, thereby throwing further suspicion on Hobbes, framing him for the crime.

Azazel sneaks into Hobbes' home overnight by possessing his brother Art to make him commit suicide by injecting himself with poison. Hobbes and Sam decide to go on the run. The next day, Hobbes takes Sam to Gretta's where they consult several ancient texts and discover that Azazel's ability to transfer from body to body in spirit form has a finite range of about one-sixth of a mile and must be performed within a relatively short time period. Hobbes then leaves Sam with Gretta and drives alone to Milano's remote cabin to isolate and trap Azazel.

A short while later, Lieutenant Stanton and Jonesy arrive to take Hobbes into custody, but Jonesy wants to make Hobbes disappear, and make it look like he committed suicide by driving his car into a lake. Stanton becomes infuriated by this assumption, and forces Hobbes to drop his gun. Jonesy suddenly shoots Stanton, revealing himself to be possessed by Azazel, and then chases Hobbes into the cabin. Azazel tells Hobbes that he will continue to kill more people, then move on to another person. They fight for control of the gun, during which Jonesy is mortally wounded.

As Jonesy slowly expires, Hobbes smokes a poison-laced cigarette and taunts Azazel with the fact that he will soon be dead and his body will be useless as a host, thus trapping and killing him. Hobbes kills Jonesy by shooting him in the head, but Azazel then possesses Hobbes. He frantically tries to find a new host but succumbs to the poison in Hobbes' system. Azazel survives, however, by possessing a cat nearby. Throughout the film, the overdubbed narration of Hobbes' voice sometimes interjects, often explaining certain situations, almost in a noir-like style.

In the very last scene, when the cat comes out of the cabin the narrator is revealed to be Azazel himself who claims that the war against souls is far from over and the soul is carried on as he will wait for the "Fall of Babylon", the end of civilization.

Powers and Abilities

Azazel has no physical form, and is only visible when possessing the body of another being. Azazel can posses almost any human simply by touching them. In the movie, he attempts to possess Hobbes, but cannot. The screenplay specifies that he cannot possess a pure person through physical contact, and he is shown failing to enter the body of at least one other random person on the street. When separated from a human, Azazel is strong enough to enter any person; however, he can only survive outside of a host body for a very short period of time.

He can also possess cats, an ability which saves him at the conclusion of the film. Some have criticized this as a plot hole or an example of deus ex machina; nevertheless, it may be consistent considering that cats were, historically, thought to be the familiars of witches. Azazel's dialogue makes it clear that he genuinely thought his death to be imminent in the moments after Hobbes expired, which makes it unlikely that had the ability to possess any other living being. Cats may therefore be unique in their ability to host Azazel.

In addition to his ability to possess people, Azazel, like all fallen angels, speaks all human languages ("all the tongues of Babel" as the script puts it.)


Azazel is nothing more than a purely sadistic and evil demon without a single redeeming quality. As a former angel banished from Heaven, his only purpose in his existence is to wreak chaos and havoc among humankind. Above all, he enjoys tormenting and destroying lives of good people who are immunized against possession, as seen with the hero Hobbes. To that end, his modus operandi is to take possession of a random person, starting a series of murders and framing said immunized person for these crimes. Azazel is also clever and able to act like a normal person, faking politeness to go unnoticed. However, he becomes bored of this act after a while and can't resist indulging in inappropriate social behavior like insulting another person. In fact, he acts like a problematic teenager most of the time. This is because Azazel sees humans as toys to play with at his convenience and considers himself superior to them.

In spite of his arrogance, Azazel is shown to be afraid of dying and his fear is clearly palpable when Hobbes kills himself without any human to possess nearby.

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