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Azael is one of the demons from the Rage of Bahamut series. As Lucifer tasked him with finding Amira, he was accompanied by Cerebus and Pazuzu.

He is voiced by Kent WIlliams.


He was the one responsible for conducting events that happened to the characters in the series, such as the death of Favaro's father and the demise of Kaiser's family. It is shown that he does not.

For humans as he calls them insects, showing that he enjoys torturing them as when tortured Amira after capturing her. Later in the series, though, it is shown that he only threatens human who dare to threaten him and his kind. 

Also, as the right-hand Demon of Lucifer, he seemed to be loyal to him. Azazel is tall and muscular with pale skin and white hair. He has wings with dark feathers and wears black clothing.

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