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I am Azazel, Rectifer of All Things!
~ Azazel's introduction.
I exist in a higher plane than your earthly laws, now no one can stop me!
~ Azazel.

Azazel is the overarching antagonist (along with Jin Kazama) in Tekken 6/Tekken 6BR. He is one of the two overarching antagonists (the other being Kazumi Mishima) of the Tekken franchise, as he was the creator of the Devil and by extension the Devil Gene.

He was voiced by Richard Epcar.


While little is known about Azazel's history, he is known as the ultimate evil that will awaken when "two evil stars" clash in battle. He apparently once ruled over the Earth and was known as the "Rectifier of All Things" but humanity revolted against him and was imprisoned by them in an ancient Egyptian temple which was for most of history magically locked outside normal space. He created the entity "Devil" and by extension the Devil Gene as means of freeing himself in the future and the Devil would go on to brand humans with this gene for this purpose, knowingly or not.

Despite the efforts of many, Azazel is ultimately awoken as a result of the overflow of negative energy produced by Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima throwing the world into chaos in order to awaken and destroy him. Once awake, Azazel and his demons face the former Tekken Force leader and rebel leader Lars Alexandersson and Raven in battle which they lose. Azazel then taunts Lars and reveals that he is known as the "Rectifier of All Things", he was created as a result of the sins of mankind, and the time has come for him to destroy humanity so that they can rule, but being too injured to continue the battle, he apparently self-destructed.

However, this is later revealed to have been a ruse in order to gather more strength. After Jin and Lars fought outside the temple, during which Jin fully explained his motives to Lars, Azazel burst out from the ground underneath them, stronger than ever before. Jin, however, powered up with the Devil Gene and approaches Azazel, who fired countless beams of energy at Jin, only for them to be deflected away. Without warning, Jin punched his fist straight through Azazel's chest and the two of them plummet into the abyss below. The outcome of the battle was not shown however it was later evealed in Tekken 7 that Azazel survived and has since sealed within Zafina and is attempting corrupt her from within so as to possess her body.


Azazel is a massive creature resembling the Egyptian god Set in appearance, roughly twice as tall, and thrice as thick (not including its tail) as an average size Tekken character and is restrained by ice and chains. Due to its size, Azazel cannot be thrown but can throw its opponent. Despite this however, Azazel can be juggled.


Azazel has the ability to summon boulders or rock columns from the ground (which it uses to attack its opponent), summon ice scarabs which it also uses to attack its opponent. Azazel also has the ability to curl up in a ball and attack its opponents. His move set bears some resemblances to previous Tekken boss characters, such as his stun attack (which is almost identical to Jinpachi Mishima's), the ability to fire lasers (similar to Devil, Angel and Devil Jin's laser attacks).

  • Crystal Blades - Azazel can summon 4 up to 5 blades from his left arm.
  • Hellfire Blast - He can shoot lasers from his eyes. However it was bigger and dealt more damage than the Devil's.