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Azimuth is one of the antagonists from Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain.


Azimuth was the guardian of the Pillar of Dimension. With her third eye, she could see through other dimensions, allowing her to enter these dimensions or summon creatures from them. She was the matriarch of Avernus, a religious city centered around the enormous Avernus Cathedral, where they worshiped the Hash'Ak'Gik.

She had kept a Time Streaming Device from Moebius, which she used to bring the vampire Turel from the future to serve as a vessel for the Hash'Ak'Gik, although she actually didn't knew that it was the Hylden who was possessing Turel. After Nupraptor attacked the Circle, Azimuth became insane like the other guardians and started summoning demons from different dimensions, and used the Time Streaming Device to summon demos from other ages as well. The demons spread throughout Avernus causing havoc, setting the entire city in flames.

The vampire Kain arrive in the chaotic Avernus and fights the demons, making his way to the cathedral, where Azimuth was hiding. There, Kain finds the legendary sword Soul Reaver and finally faces Azimuth. He dispatch her demons and kill her with a single strike of the Soul Reaver, retrieving the Time Streaming Device from her.


The Dimension guardian ;They were charged with controlling and defining the very boundaries, consistency, and form of space itself.


Dimensional view: they have the ability to see/persive different dimensions.

Dimensional travel: Able to Move/travel between dimensions.

Dimensional portals: Ability to create dimensional portals to send or summons items/creatures.The items summoned would depend on the guardians life as the demons Azimuth summoned, were banished upon her death and thus the beings summoned were loyal to the guardian as the guardian was their umbilical cord to the land of nosgoth.

Space manipulation: The Guardian can " controlling and defining the very boundaries, consistency, and form of space itself.



  • The name "Azimuth" and title "the Planer" are both references to geometric dimensions and orientation; an azimuth is the direction of a celestial object from the observer, expressed as the angular distance from the north or south point of the horizon to the point at which a vertical circle passing through the object intersects the horizon; a plane itself is a flat 2D surface, often used to represent the single "dimensions" of "length", width", and "height" in 3D space.



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