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No pleasure, no rapture, no exquisite sin greater... than central air.
~ Azrael
But... I'm a f**king demon.
~ Azreal's last words.

Azrael is the main antagonist of the 1999 film Dogma. A fallen muse-turned-demon, he seeks escape from hell by any means necessary, even at the cost of erasing all of existence.

He was portrayed by Jason Lee, who also played Syndrome in Disney/Pixar's The Incredibles, his only other villainous role so far.


Azrael was originally a muse like his "sister", Serendipity, and he was also from heaven. Ages ago, Satan (originally known as Lucifer) started his war for his place as God's usurper and the new ruler of heaven. Heaven itself was divided into two armies: the Faithful (those who fought on the side of God) and the Renegades (those who fought on the side of Lucifer). The Ethereal Plains were filled with the chaos of the battle as angelic factions from both opposing sides fought. Azrael refused to fight, seeing that an artist does not destroy. When the fight was over and God's side emerged victorious, He/She first cast Lucifer and his followers to hell, but then did the same to Azrael because of his refusal and neutrality.

After spending many millennia in hell, he looked for a way out. So he sent two banished angels, Bartleby and Loki, an article explaining that by walking through the archway at a church in New Jersey on the day that it celebrated its centennial (hundredth anniversary), they could return to heaven by way of plenary indulgence. He also incapacitated God, who was temporarily spending time in a human body, to prevent Him/Her from stopping his plan, as he knew that He/She had just the power to resolve the problem easily. He then sent his triplets to kill the Last Scion, a remaining and last descendant of Jesus Christ.

After the triplets' failed attempts and the Golgothan demon's defeat, he decided to meet the Last Scion (revealed as Bethany Sloane) and the rest of the heroes in person. He and his triplets captured Bethany, Rufus, Jay, Silent Bob, and Serendipity in a bar in the hopes of keeping them from impeding Bartleby and Loki's reentry into heaven, which would prove God wrong and, thus, fallible, in turn destroying existence (and thus securing Azrael's ticket out of hell: simply not existing rather than being left to suffer in hell). However, after being prompted by Serendipity, Silent Bob killed Azrael with one of the golf clubs of Cardinal Glick, which he had previously blessed to have a better golf game. The pure, heavenly properties given to the club were enough to fatally damage Azrael's demonic form, as he had been struck by an instrument of God.

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