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The Aztec God (Above) burning down the player's city!

The Aztec God is the main antagonist of the video-game "Black and White 2: Battle of the gods".

At the climax of Black & White 2, the player defeats the Aztec nation but leaves a number of them alive. Driven by a desire for revenge, they sacrifice their dead in a series of grisly rituals; hence, a god of death is born to rally the Aztecs, now aided with divine power and undead armies, against the player once more. His units consists mostly of undead skeleton soldiers, he's very aggressive and works at a very fast pace, he's also a master strategist and will go to any lengths to kill the Greeks and burn down their city! He constantly monitors the player's progress and insults the player's actions! He also has a nasty habit of capturing the player's people when the player isn't looking and sacrificing them by throwing them down a volcano simply for his own personal enjoyment!

He has a deep booming voice that can send shivers down your spine, his "god hand" however looks identical to the player's hand at 100% evil! The Aztec God is also very similar to the Nemesis God from "Black and white 1"!

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