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This world reeks with life. The stink of happiness chokes me. Rise! Rise, my fleshless army. Rise! My old friends, we have much to do. Go out to the lands of the living. Tear the flame of life from the breast of every man, woman and child. Feed me their living flesh, so that I might be stronger, and spit the bones onto the pyre of victory. I sense that there is... Another. It is of no concern. All shall be beaten. And forgotten.
~ The Aztec god's introduction.

The Aztec God is the main antagonist of the video-game Black and White 2: Battle of the gods.

At the climax of Black & White 2, the player defeats the Aztec nation, but leaves a number of them alive. Driven by a desire for revenge, they sacrifice their dead in a series of grisly rituals; hence, a god of death and despair is born to rally the Aztecs.