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[[Category:Mentally Ill]]
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SC6 Azwell

Azwel is the primary antagonist in SoulCalibur VI as well as in the latter's new feature, The Libra of Souls


More to come...


Azwel has a justifiable motive. He expresses his occult love for all humans as equals. His insane lust for utopia asked a heavy price and droved him mad.


  • Azwel is similar to various Sympathetic Villains from Andrew Detmer to Light Yagami to Anakin Skywalker to Kaecilius to Erik Killmonger to Ra's Al Ghul to Felix Faust to King Sombra
  • His Appearance is similar to Cesare Borgia. They both are mannered on utopia, and have long, masculine hairdo and continuing, oriental goatees
  • He's Mentally Ill, like most sympathetic villains
  • He's the third Soulcalibur Big Bad to wield both SoulCalibur and Soul Edge. The first being Iska Farkas, Second being Algol
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