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Battle Android Troopers (B.A.T.S. or BATS for short) are recurring antagonists of the G.I. Joe series. They are androids created by the evil COBRA to provide brute strength to the Cobra army. 


Unlike the Cobra Troopers, the BATS are the perfect Cobra troopers as they never question orders or surrender as part of their programming, though they do not react well to changes in field conditions or discriminate well between targets since they will shoot anything that moves. 


Sunbow series

G.I. Joe: An American Hero

The B.A.T.s first appeared in the second season of the series where they very much served as cannon fodder for Cobra Commander and Serpentor.

G.I. Joe (DiC)

In the series, the BATS are led by Overkill, and unlike their original counterparts, they are able to sustain enough damage to fight more against the Joes.

G.I. Joe: Sigma 6

In the series, the BATS serve as the bulk and primary soldiers of Cobra’s army, plus there are more robotic in appearance. Plus, they have more variants with certain functions:

  • Ninja B.A.T. - A ninja-type B.A.T.
  • Aero-BAT - A B.A.T. with wings.
  • Cobra Mantis - A B.A.T. unit driven by Destro.
  • Overlord Vector - A B.A.T. with a snake torso.
  • Overlord Virus - A ninja-type B.A.T. sent to Japan as a backup for Storm Shadow. It later returns as a guard for an abandoned and seemingly haunted castle in Romania that Destro used for a Cobra base.
  • Overlord Vortex - A B.A.T. with a single red eye, two laser-firing arm cannons, and tank-like wheels for feet, plus it metal hide is very difficult to penetrate.
  • Zeus - A Mega-B.A.T. with an AI created by Destro to destroy Megalo City.

G.I. Joes: Renegades

In the series, the BATS are featured as prototype androids hidden in the armors that are seen in Destro's castle.


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