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B.O.B! Do somethin'!
~ Ashe when using her ultimate, calling for B.O.B.

Big Omnic Butler, better known as simply B.O.B., is a major antagonist in the 2016 game Overwatch. He is Ashe's right hand man and butler who acts as her bodyguard and enforcer in the Deadlock Rebels.


B.O.B. was often left to care for Ashe as her parents were often away on business trips. Ashe began getting in trouble more and more often and slowly began becoming a criminal. One day Ashe met Jesse McCree and the two along with B.O.B. founded the Deadlock Rebels with B.O.B. being upgraded with arm cannons and other weapons to further act as her enforcer. Jesse and other members of the gang were arrested some time later in an undercover sting from the group Overwatch and Jesse chose to reform by joining the organization, Ashe saw this as betrayal and developed a deep hatred for him. Several years after Overwatch's disbandment, McCree returned to Route 66 in pursuit of a military train transporting various weapons after he had received Winston's recall message, knowing that the new Overwatch would need something on that train, the android Echo. However as the train arrived the Deadlock Rebels blew up the bridged and began stealing from the wreckage with B.O.B. taking the crate that housed Echo. McCree makes his presence known to Ashe and her associates and they catch up before McCree only demands Echo's crate, stating "Everything else is yours.", however Ashe refuses to give up the crate after McCree states what's in the crate is none of her business. B.O.B. grabs the Route 66 sign and even sweats a drop of oil before a shootout begins. B.O.B. later uses the Route 66 sign to protect Ashe before using his arm cannons in an attempt to gun McCree down. Ashe then gives McCree one last chance to surrender telling him to toss out his weapon, instead McCree tosses out a sash of grenades and shoots them causing them to explode. The Deadlock members are knocked unconscious by the explosions and Ashe wakes up to find B.O.B. was blown to pieces by the explosion with McCree placing his head on the cart and putting his hat back on saying "Sorry about that B.O.B., no hard feelings?" as McCree activates the cart sending the Deadlock members on their way. Later Ashe rants to B.O.B. about how it could have been an easy score but everyone fell to pieces when McCree arrived. Ashe puts her hat back on and says she should have just but a bullet in him the minute he showed up, as McCree rides past on Ashe's motorcycle, enraging her further as B.O.B. looks up at her she looks down at him and asks "What are you looking at?" before she knocks his bowler hat off. B.O.B. is later rebuilt and continues to act as Ashe's bodyguard and enforcer in her gang/


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