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B.O.X.'s first encounter

B.O.X., also known as the Security Robot B.O.X. was both the fourth and the ninth boss Samus faced during the events in the video game: Metroid Fusion.


B.O.X. was a six-legged, spider-like security robot designed to protect the BSL Research Station. Though it was a machine, the organic components in B.O.X.'s neural network were still vulnerable to an X Parasite infection, eventually rendering it yet another tool at the disposal of the X. This infection took place after Samus' first encounter with it, which exposed its organic components.


Sector 3 (PYR)

Samus first encountered B.O.X. in Sector 3. After downloading the Super Missile data, Samus discovered that her way back was blocked by a destroyed hatch; the floor near the hatch had also been ruptured recently. Following the rumbling noises coming from overhead lead her back towards the Data Room, which B.O.X. was busily destroying, either after being reprogrammed that this breach in B.O.X.'s armor permitted the X to infect it. Samus confronted this powerful automaton. During the fight, Samus managed to severely damage the robot, but before she could have a chance to destroy it, the B.O.X. Security Robot retreated.

Sector 6 (NOC)

BOX's 2nd encounter

Later on, B.O.X. was positively identified as an X host. Samus' computer told her that the "organic components that form its neural network" had been infected by the X; Adam ordered her to track it down from where it had last been seen, Sector 6, and terminate it. Attempting to enter a restricted area, Samus set off an alarm, alerting B.O.X. to her presence. As she tried to retrace her steps, Samus encountered B.O.X. in a room she had previously passed through. It was similar in layout to the room where they fought in Sector 3 -- Samus could bomb the ceiling to reveal monkey bars from which to hang.

In this room, however, the floor was covered by a shallow pool of water which had been electrified by the exposed parts of B.O.X.'s machinery, electrocuting Samus whenever she fell in. The B.O.X.'s strategy had not changed much, but it had replaced its pyrotechnic bombs with seeker missiles, which it periodically fired in groups of four. Due to the cramped conditions, B.O.X. could also jump high enough to hit Samus while she was on the ceiling, forcing her to exercise caution when aiming for its core. However, if she hung on the very edge of the monkey bars, the B.O.X. could not jump far enough to hit her.

When Samus destroyed the core, the robot's infected neural network flew out and transformed into a Hard Core-X. Absorbing this restored her Wave Beam.

Worthy of note is the fact that the brain resembles a miniature Aurora Unit, suggesting that they can be installed into portable weapons platforms.


  • B.O.X. is one of the few bosses in the game that has no Galdora blocking the door leading to its boss fights.


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