You know,sometimes watching them like this...without them even knowing we're here...makes you feel a little like God, doesn't it?
~ The Nightwatch Leader

The B5 Nightwatch Leader was a character introduced in the Babylon 5 episode Messages from Earth.

He was portrayed by Vaughn Armstrong, who had previously played Captain Korris in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

In 2260 this individual was working as a security guard on Babylon 5, when he was selected to become the head of the Nightwatch security forces for the station. He liked to spend time watching people on security cameras as it made him feel a little like God.

After hearing from the Nightwatch people back on Earth, this leader prepared himself for the declaration of martial law and the eventual conflict with the Babylon 5 command staff. He worked closely with Zack Allan as the Ministry of Peace ordered station security to be handed over to Nightwatch. Because Michael Garibaldi objected to the Nightwatch, this leader removed him as head of security.

When the orders came through for martial law to be implemented on Babylon 5, he sent his guards in to clear the public areas, starting a large riot in the Zocalo.

Afterwards Zack Allen came to him and told him that a ship carrying several hundred Narns was coming in to replace the Nightwatch security. The leader and his troops prepared to arrest the Narns as their ship arrived in the docking bay so that they would have the proof they needed to arrest the B5 command staff.

What this leader did not know was that Zack had already decided to turn against Nightwatch and help Captain John Sheridan neutralize them. When all the Nightwatch personnel gathered in the docking bay, Zack radioed in a command which sealed the leader and all his people in the docking bay. Sheridan arrived and placed the entire group under arrest for attempted mutiny and going outside the chain of command.

This leader and the Nightwatch were all forced to come out of the docking bay one at a time, surrendering their identicards, links, and weapons as they came out. As the leader and his men came out, they saw that the local Narns were taking over security before being confined to their quarters.

Several days later B5 declared indepdence from Earth. After the battle with Clark loyalists sent to seize control of the station, this Nightwatch leader and the majority of his people were sent back to Earth. A small team led by Boggs remained on B5 but were subsequently captured or killed.

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