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Robots are our masters! Flesh is weak.
~ The BLU Medic.
Its Just you and me!
~ The BLU Medic

The BLU Medic is the main antagonist of the 2015 SFM "Live and Let Spy" made by The Winglet.

He is a rogue BLU team Mercenary who plans on helping Gray Mann take over Mann co.


The BLU Medic wears a Blue Das Naggenvatcher for his hat and for his jacket he wears a Heat of Winter. He also wears glasses just like the default Medic. 


He carries on him a Syringe Gun, Ambassador, and Solemn Vow as his weapons. He is never seen using a Medi-Gun, which may explain his evidently poor leadership. 


The Medic first appears when a BLU Pyro returns the intel back to their base from Sawmill. Later he reveals his plan to the RED Spy and Scout by using an army of robots to take over Mann Co. Just when he's about to kill them with his Ambassador, the Soldier arrives with backup.

While the BLU and RED teams fight it out, the Medic tries to escape with an allied Scout, but the Spy follows behind and so has to use the Scout as a meat shield. The Spy and Medic had a showdown in the train yard just outside the BLU base. After the Medic stopped bludgeoning the Spy with his Solemn Vow, he insults his Fancy Fedora, calling it “stupid in his medical opinion”. Out of anger and disbelief, the Spy punches him in the gut, kicks him in the testicles, and uppercuts him onto the train tracks. An oncoming train soon runs over the medic, killing him.

Soon after the fight, a BLU sniper informs Gray Mann about the red team's victory. Gray Mann then launches his robots on Mann Co.   


  • If one looks closely at the BLU Medic’s Solemn Vow, it reads “Do Harm” instead of “Do No Harm”.



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