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Ba'al's human host

I'm a God. Gods are all-knowing.
~ Ba'al.

Ba'al is a villain appearing in the Stargate SG1 television series.


Ba'al was a member of an alien species called Goa'uld, and one of the last System Lords. Once an underlord in the Second Goa'uld Dynasty, Ba'al left Ra's service and rose to a position of power among the System Lords in his own right. After the fall of the Goa'uld at the hands of the Replicators, Ba'al was the only known surviving System Lord and became determined to rebuild his power base. He succeeded somewhat with his clones, but they were all killed with the last being extracted by the Tok'ra and the real Ba'al was finally killed by Colonel Cameron Mitchell who set an ambush for him when he tried to change time. Mitchell shot Ba'al in the head, killing him, and with the deaths of all his clones, Ba'al was gone for good although the host of one of his clones survived. It is worth of note that SG1 and it's companion series Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe are not placed in the same continuity of the film so some contradictions between the continuities may occur.

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