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~ Ba'al as he kills Matt's henchmen.

Ba'al is the titular character of the American Horror Stories episode of the same name. He is an ancient demon who takes revenge against a group of con artists who use his likeness to gaslight and swindle a wealthy woman.

He was portrayed by Dane DiLiegro.


Ba'al is an ancient Sumerian demon who is mentioned in the Bible as one of Satan's lieutenants in Hell, and is considered a fertility god in Sumerian and Babylonian folklore.


Heiress Liv Whitley receives a figurine of Ba'al from Bernadette, a secretary at a fertility clinic that Liv and her husband Matt Webb had visited in a vain attempt to get pregnant. Bernadette claims that the figurine will help Liv conceive, and it is successful, as Liv gives birth to a son, Aaron.

Months later, Liv begins hearing strange voices and seeing what she believes is Ba'al himself trying to take Aaron for his own. She accidentally stabs Matt while fighting off what she believes is Ba'al trying to kidnap Aaron, and commits herself to a psychiatric hospital. Unbeknownst to Liv, however, Matt has been gaslighting her with help from Bernadette, with whom he is having an an affair, and three of their friends, as they have been using costumes and special effects to make her believe that Ba'al is trying to steal Aaron.

In an act of desperation, Liv summons Ba'al with an ancient spell Bernadette had unwittingly given her. He reveals what Matt and Bernadette did to her, and she orders him to kill them all. That night, Ba'al appears in Matt's house as he and his compatriots celebrate their success, and kills everyone except Matt, who is found guilty of the murders and imprisoned for life.

Liv visits Matt in prison, and he begs her to leave town with Aaron, convinced that Ba'al is going to kill them next. Liv refuses, however, and leaves him to rot in prison. When she gets home, Ba'al asks her to release him. She agrees, on the condition that he give her another child.

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