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Ba'al Rafar, also known as the Prince of Babylon, is the main antagonist in Frank Pereti's book This Present Darkness. Rafar is a powerful demon who once ruled ancient Babylon before being vanquished by the angel Tal. Rafar and Tal were since then arch-enemies, and Rafar looked forward to their next meeting.

The Ba'al was a ruler of an army of demons, answering only to The Strongman, a demon intimate with Lucifer himself. He was described as huge, with black, reptilian skin and large, jagged wings which he kept folded about him like a cape when not in use. He had a head like a lion, with glowing yellow eyes and huge, deadly fangs with a long S-shaped red sword.

Under the Strongman's orders, Rafar had his forces infiltrate the small city of Ashton, where lived some humans who made direct connections to Rafar in a plan to take over the world in a subtle way. Before Rafar came to Ashton, the lower-ranked demon Lucius was in charge of the city, and was not happy about being deposed. This made them bitter rivals. Rafar's ultimate plan was carried out through the modern day witch Juleen Langstrat, and he used her and her associates to rule the people. He eventually possessed her, after she willingly accepted him, but Lucius, controlling one of Langstrat's associates, had his charge kill Langstrat, forcing Rafar to leave her. Rafar slew Lucius and engaged in combat with Tal, whose forces had arrived. They battled fiercely, each giving and receiving many wounds, but Rafar came out on top. He was about to kill Tal, but the prayers of the saints finished off his already weakened body, and he fell apart into red smoke.

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