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Baal is one of two main antagonists (alongside Amy Kirio) of the Mairimashita! Iruma-kun/Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun! anime and manga series.

He is voiced by Junichi Suwabe in Japanese and Matthew David Rudd in English.


Baal is a young, pale-skinned man. He has spiky blonde hair with the noticeable trait of having two lightning bolt-shaped strands at both sides of his head. His eyes are gold and sharp, accompanied by evenly sharp eyelashes. He wears a black jacket adorned by white fur around the neck and his matching pants. He's also very cunning and a capable leader, earning himself the nickname "Tactician of the South" after he started a revolt movement while he was a member of the Thirteen Crowns, all without drawing any suspicion towards himself in the process.


Baal is an incredibly arrogant man with absolutely no consideration or empathy for others. He's also very dramatic and good at acting, a skill that he uses to hide his malicious intentions from others.


Baal is one of the short-tempered members of an elite group of demons called the Thirteen Crowns who possesses electrokinetic abilities. Baal longs to return the netherworld to its time of savagery. Sometime before the events of the series, Baal met Ami Kirio, a sadomasochistic demon boy who got off on despair. He allowed him to join his Battora (Battler) party, Magical Tools Research, and gave him the knowledge to create a magical device to destroy Babyls (Babirus Demon School). The two conspire for a good few years until the present day where Iruma Suzuki became a student of the demon school.

They both agree on the plan to detonate an explosion during the Battora event where Amy would use his barrier ability to trap a chunk of the students inside the school where they would be killed in the explosion. Their families would despair over their losses and revert back to their primal states while additionally ending the power rankings in the netherworld. Baal would often converse with him under the guise of his guardian. He was also the mastermind behind getting Sullivan arrested as a means of keeping him gone long enough to enact the plan.

Unfortunately for the two conspirators, their plan is foiled when Amy fails to make Iruma fall into despair and uses up a large portion of the magic within his ring to destroy Amy's barrier. Amy is then arrested for the terrorism scheme but claims ownership over it.

After the Harvest Festival arc, Baal get the Iruma's conversation record from ocho and knowing the truth that Iruma Suzuki is human, With the need for more power from eating human flesh. Baal along with Amy and the six fingers now preparing to hunt Iruma.

In post Akudol Arc, he and the other heroes of 13 Crowns, they meet as they were summoned by the Three Heroes, who announce that they will nominate their grandchildren as candidates for demon king, something to which Baal tells Sullivan that he is in complete opposition, but then Belial interrupts him saying that they will only put them as candidates since also all three agree that none of the thirteen crowns or the three heroes are worthy of replacing the previous demon king, also mentioning that their respective grandchildren have done great feats in their respective schools that the thirteen should consider to see if they are worthy, Baal mentions that he will agree as long as the thirteen crowns also have the opportunity to propose a candidate and that he had already selected one which he has not revealed yet.

In the 206th issue of the manga, it is revealed that Baal is Sabro and Silvia Sabnok's uncle and the adoptive brother of their father, Sabzan Sabnok.

In the 207th issue of the manga, Baal offers Sabros to be a candidate for demon king, with the condition of leaving the Babyls school in addition to mentioning that Iruma and the other grandchildren of the 3 greats, are only there because they are spoiled brats, Sabros rejects the offer mentioning that if he leaves Babyls, he would be far from his rival Iruma and the Abnormal class, whom he calls his friends, he also defends Iruma saying that he is not how Baal describes him, mentioning that Iruma has done great things and that he wants to follow those steps on his own. Baal seems to agree with Sabros' decision and decides to go to his brother's smithy. Later in the smithy, Baal receives a weapon that his brother Sabzan made for him, since Baal requested it, however before Baal left, Sabzan furious tells Baal to get away from Sabros and his family and never come back.

In the 221th issue of the manga, Baal sent Ator and Shida undercover to the Babyls demon school, to pass as new teachers for the abnormal class and be able to enter the Royal One Hall to steal some remnant item from the old demon king Delkira as part of his plan, he also ordered them to They could eliminate some of the students if they suspected something (even his nephew Sabnock), with the exception of Sullivan's grandson, Iruma, since he has special plans for him, so I order them that in case Iruma began to suspect them, steal Delkira's relics and kidnap Iruma


  • He is Sabro Sabnock's uncle.

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