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The Baboon Brain is a baboon-themed brain beast and is the main antagonist in episode 11 of 1988 TV series called Choujuu Sentai Liveman.

He is voiced by Yoshio Kawai who previously voiced a Skull Doggler and later voiced an Inugami Bōma, a Dark Spider Bōma, Torarugin, Galactic Ninja Batzlergin, Samejigokugin, Chamelezarugin, PteranoTelevigin, Majin Mu, Dora Skeleton, Dora Goblin, Dora Ladon, Dora Chimaera, Umibozu, Oonyuudou, Bara Tarantula, Saboteur Mayden and Girigirigaishi.


The Baboon Brain made his first appearance on TV as he replaced the image of a Japanese Girl in a swimsuit and due to the gentlemen futile attempt to see the said girl the Baboon Brain jumped out of the TV and attack the humans as he manage to bite on one of the humans as it convert into a Were-Ape.

This monster was created by Obular to devolve humans into Apemen by biting them with his right arm and they themselves convert humans into Apemen. Because of its ability, the Baboon Brain attracted the attention of Arashi Busujima who beat the Brain Beast into working for him in committing crimes.

One of the crimes was having him to rob a bank full of money. However this scheme hasn't gone unnoticed by its creator. However, during Arashi's fight with Yusuke, Obular forces this monster back into serving him. So after that Obular sent the Apemen and Jimmers to attack the team. After that he was then defeated when the Liveman blasted him with the Biomotion Buster thus reverting all of the apemen to their original forms.

However thanks to Gash the Baboon Brain is then enlarged prompting the Liveman to bring out their Live Robo to battle it. After that he was then destroyed by this finisher called Super Live Crash.


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