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Dada... yummy!
~ The Baby upon killing Ethan Winters.

The Baby is a minor antagonist in the 2021 horror game Resident Evil Village. It is a giant, grotesque humanoid monster that hunts the main protagonist and tries to eat them. It is possibly under the implicate authority of or a deadly illusion created by Donna Beneviento, hunting Ethan Winters throughout Donna's home.


As its name implies, the Baby shares many similar characteristics to that of a human infant. On top of sharing some similar physical qualities, this creature also speaks in a similar manner. Throughout its pursuit with Ethan, it will often say "Mama" and "Dada". Like most infants at a young age, the Baby will stick things that it shouldn't into its mouth, such as Ethan when he gets too close, and will utter "Yummy" while doing so.

While in Donna's residence, Ethan fell victim to Donna's Mold-infected plants and begins to experience hallucinations. This most likely implies that the Baby is just an illusion. If this is the case, then it may represent Ethan's inner fears about his daughter.

While large and obviously superior to Ethan, the Baby's mutated form has made it hard for it to navigate its surroundings. It has a very hard time moving around the residence, bowing its head up and down each movement and dragging its entire body only with the support of its hands. It also doesn't seem to have very good senses other than sight, not being able to find Ethan hiding inside or under things.


The Baby looks less like a traditional human baby, and more akin to a malformed fetus. It has two giant black beady eyes, a balding head, and a gigantic slobbering toothless mouth that stretches down its neck. Its skin is a mixture of tan and red, as though it had been born recently. Its main body is flat and facing the floor, and it walks on all fours, its hands doing most of the work as its feet are bent backward.


While Ethan is trying to retrieve the Break-Box Key, the Baby will appear at the end of a hallway that leads to the Doll workshop. It will then begin its chase with Ethan, who will have to escape into the kitchen. Later, after Ethan obtains a fuse, the Baby will reappear and chase Ethan from the kitchen and the bedroom, only for him to escape it once reaching the Medicine room. The Baby won't be seen again until Ethan reaches the elevator. He will have to successfully close its gates before the Baby reaches him. Once he does, the Baby will scream at him as he escapes in the elevator.

Based on the nature of the creature, it was most likely killed when either Benevito was killed by Ethan or destroyed when Ethan destroyed the Megamycete.



  • The Baby was originally supposed to be fought regularly, but this was cut.
  • Upon the release of Resident Evil Village, the Baby's level quickly became infamous among players for being by far the scariest section in the game.


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