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Baby Bob Nicely and Morticia were villains in the 2000 AD comic strip Judge Dredd. They were a pair of criminals hosting an illegal pirate TV show called "You Bet Your Life".

Baby Bob and Morticia ran an pirated TV show called 'You Bet Your Life', where you have to answer questions and if you get the answer wrong, the victim would be either killed or sent into the Cursed Earth. The shows contestants had a family named Sheldon, Penelope and Granny Weedy. After Dredd finds Walter, his robot servant watching the show, he forced him to turn it off and then uses Walter to locate the studio it was being broadcasted from. Meanwhile, during the show, Sheldon was asked, "Who was the 53rd President of the United States?", if he gets the answer right he will win 10,000 credits and if he gets the answer wrong Granny Weedy will get sent to a Plutonium Mine in the Cursed Earth. After Bob gives Sheldon a clue ("Try President Bates") Sheldon stupidly says President Bates which was obviously the wrong answer. Bob then gleefully admits he lied then sends Granny to the mine. Dredd manages to locate the location of the broadcast and heads for the studio it's being broadcasted from. In the studio, Sheldon's wife Penelope was then given a choice between having 10,000 credits or to open the mystery box. When she opens the mystery box she is horrified to discover a spider crawling up her arm and Bob reveals it is very poisonous but quick and painless, then after she dies says "Poor Penny - Just too greedy to resist the Mystery Box".

Sheldon was then placed under the guillotine and was forced to spell "GLYNXXPITTLE" which Sheldon didn't know how to spell. Time was up and Bob gleefully states that he made it up and was about to execute him before Dredd storms the building. Bob proceeds to use the guillotine on Sheldon to distract Dredd and he and Morticia attempt to sneak out of the building. Dredd shoots it and it snaps in half and goes towards both Bob and Morticia, killing them.

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