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Baby Crawlers are a minor antagonist from Five Nights at Freddy's: The Fourth Closet. They serves as the alternate counterpart of Bidybabs from Sister Location, and the secondary mascot at Circus Baby's Pizza.


Baby Crawlers are small, baby-like animatronic, their animatronic faces are painted like clowns, their features absurdly exaggerated: one had a round, red nose that covered half its face and a white wig of synthetic curls; another had a molded smile on its face and a painted red grimace. The third, a red-cheeked, smiling clown with a rainbow-colored wig, with a gigantic spring that replaced the middle of its torso, boinging up and down each time it moved. All of them had black eyes, with no iris or pupil

Baby Crawlers stand at about 2.5 ft tall, making them one of the smallest animatronics in the books.


Five Nights at Freddy's: The Fourth Closet

Three different types of Baby Crawlers are first seen in Chapter 12 after Marla and Carlton arrived at Circus Baby’s Pizza playing on the monkey bar in the play room at first them didn’t see Carlton and Marla because of the illusionary devices in their ears, however because they make some noise, one of the Baby Crawlers started scanning the room and staring at them as Carlton and Marla escaped into a mirror room.

in Chapter 14, they helping Mangle and Funtime Freddy attack William Afton, by clinging onto his back before one of them gets flung off and another crawler held on to his ankle, chewing at his flesh, before the Amalgamation dragging him to the furnace, where William Afton was burned to death, killing him and freeing Michael and the other children's souls.


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