Dan: What the hell is this place Phil?
Phil: I guess it's called an American day care Dan.
Dan: What are we supposed to do here?
Phil: Maybe we could just steal the hearts of all the girls
Dan: Haha sounds solid
Phil: Right! Simultaneous magic hair flip in 3, 2, 1.
Dan: And now the girls lose their minds in 3, 2, 1...

~ Baby Dan & Phil

Baby Dan and Phil are the secondary antagonists in the Shut Up! Cartoons web series Smosh: Babies. They appeared as the main antagonists in the episodes "The British Are Coming" and "Secret Child Sweatshop. They are fictionalized versions of the Youtubers and entertainers Daniel Howell and Phil Lester.

They were voiced by Daniel Howell and Phil Lester themselves.


The British Are Coming

In this episode the two are seen as new students at the day care, and appear revolted and confused by the place. They then get the idea to win over the girls of the day care into doing their bidding and are seen doing so by putting them in a sort of trance with their majestic hair flips and then stealing their belongings and food. They soon encounter Ian and Anthony who at first attempt to stop them but are tricked into taking the food themselves and taking the blame for Dan and Phil's actions.

Secret Child Sweatshop

In their next appearance the two are running a child sweatshop underneath the pre school everyone was now attending. They had been given permission to run this underground sweatshop and are brainwashing their prisoners into doing their work with their hair flips and once again do this to all of the girls. The boys however are immune to their hair flipping powers and come up with a plan and knock the two unconscious freeing everyone of their trance. After this they are tied up to chairs and Isla cuts their hair preventing them from flipping it anymore.

Due to the series abruptly ending after Anthony Padilla's departure from the Smosh company Dan and Phil's story was never concluded.


Dan and Phil are both arrogant, obnoxious brats who take advantage of girls with their hypnotic hair flips. The two are also fantastic superficial charmers as they constantly use their charismatic personalities and friendly demeanours to charm their peers in order to steal from them or incriminate them.


Dan is a tanned baby with thick, full, brown hair who always wears a black T-Shirt with an O on it and a diaper. Phil is an incredibly pale baby with thick, long black hair who always wears a blue T-Shirt with a flower on it and a diaper.


  • Despite being the same age in the show, Phil is actually 4 years older than Dan in real life.
  • They are one of the many guest youtuber appearances on the show with others being people such as Tyler Oakley, Shane Dawson, Jenna Marbles and many others.
  • In real life Dan and Phil are actually good friends with both Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox the original creators of both Smosh and Smosh Babies.
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