Baby Eddie

You may be smart, but I'm much smarter! And I'm 17 1/2 months old!
~ Baby Eddie

Baby Edward "Eddie" Neutron is a character in the TV series Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius He was voiced by Mark DeCarlo




.His goal was to kill Jimmy's family and be rich with the Neutrons' fortune. He is 17 1 1/2 months old. He first appeared in "Clash of the Cousins" where he's the antagonist and villain. He is first smiling when the family is at a family reunion and he then grins as the bomb he placed inside the spatula nearly kills the family but it fails to kill them. He then begins to cry like a baby and Jimmy gets blamed for it and is banished into the house after the parents and relatives except for Jimmy's uncle and Hugh's twin-brother, Gomer believed that Jimmy is the one who destroyed the stuff at the reunion even though he hasn't done anything wrong, but then Baby Eddie managed to get inside to reveal his plan. The windows and door shut tight and the room becomes dark. He laughs and traps Jimmy, Sheen, Carl, and one of the family members, Gomer. He traps them in electrified rings and shocks Goddard with his rattle and grabs his battery and locks Jimmy, and the gang in the room. He goes outside and places the battery in the cake but Jimmy comes out in time to save everybody and he reveals Goddard had an extra battery and he attacks Eddie, but the parents and relatives except for Gomer become furious until Baby Eddie Neutron talks in his man voice and he is sentenced to life on "The Leash" as the family is forced to apologize to Jimmy.

Baby Edward Neutron reappeared in The League of Villains to get revenge, with most of Jimmy's enemies.


He could be based on Stewie Griffin from Family Guy, both in knowledge and the ability to talk in complete sentences, and in a way, he tried to blow up his mother much similar to Stewie trying to kill Lois.


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