Baby Elmo was a minor one-shot villain who took on Johnny Storm (better known as the Human Torch) after the hero made the mistake of trying to blend in with the rough crowd at the equally rough bar known as Last Exit - in typical Johnny style the hero tried a little too hard to show-off and pretended to be a "tough guy" - after being ridiculed by some of the patrons over relying too much on his powers Johnny insisted he could take on anyone in the club.



This proved to be a mistake as Baby Elmo decided to take him up on his word, a towering brute of a man Baby Elmo was quick to try and punch Johnny (with enough force to shatter glass), luckily Johnny avoided the vicious blow and tried to deliver a punch of his own, which Baby Elmo totally ignored, Johnny tried to run but was caught in a bear hug by Baby Elmo: in order to force the thug to let go Johnny boxed on of Baby Elmo's ears - which caused him to let go, after which Johnny managed to take advantage of the situation and beat him.

However shortly afterwards patrons started pelting Johnny with glass and mugs, which caused him to trigger his "flame on" ability - which accidentally burnt the bar to the ground: Baby Elmo was seen running away from the fire, it is unknown if he ever returned.

Despite his name Baby Elmo stood in at almost 7 ft in height, had the physique of a weightlifted and dressed in the style of a stereotypical army/biker hybrid.


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