Bacchus Gill is the main villain of Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters vs. Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger: The Movie. He is Ackdos Gill's nephew and cousin of Warz Gill. He was able to resurrect the Zangyack empire and team up with Vaglass in search of the Phantom Keys.


After Gokaigers left Earth to fight the Zangyack home world. Bacchus Gill teamed up with the Vaglass, destroyed the original Gokai Galleon and Gokaiger surrender (as pretending).

In Black Galleon Bacchus, Waredonaiyer, Gokaigers, and Enter talks about conquering Earth thanks to the Phantom Ranger Keys, they started fire on the civilian populace and the Go-Busters. Bacchus, Waredonaiyer, and Gokaigers appeared in front of Go-Busters and Captain Marvelous leads his team in attacking the Go-Busters.

On board the black Galleon, Bacchus wishes to simply destroy the Earth instead of attempting to conquer it,  unlike his Uncle and his Cousin. Enter suggests to use the power of the Phantom Keys to engulf Earth in Hyper Space, thus fulfilling both their ambitions.

Bacchus appeared to steal the key from Don, Ahim, and Jin. In Edo, Enter appeared with his MegaZord Epsilon, to attack the villages. Bacchus and Buglars appeared to fight Yoki and Gai. Hiromu started to attack Bacchus, but he deflect to his attack, he got last key, and they retreat.

On the black Galleon, Enter activates the Phantom Keys' power to open the hyperspace to unleashed earth to detroyed. Until they got attack by Gokai Galleon and they started to fire back.

When Go-Buster and Gokaiger defeated the Gormin, Sugormin, and Buglars. Bacchus appeared fight each of them and Enter summon avatar copies of Escape, Basco ta Jolokia and Damaras to buy some time for Enter. Bacchus facing Gokaiger and he ask them why they want to defend the Earth. Marvelous says they aren't, since there's already a team to handle to defend the earth. Gokaigers used Red Ranger Keys to defeat him. Bacchus drink his glass of bottle and it tunrs him grown size. MegaZord Omega and Bacchus facing Tokumei Gattai Go-Buster Oh, Go-Buster Lioh, Kaizoku Gattai GokaiOh, and GoZyuJin, until they used Mystic Ranger Key to change Megazords. MegaZord Zeta take down and Bacchus Gill defeated.

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