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Worldly conflicts are eternal. Why are humans fighting each other? For power. Power is the root of all conflicts. It's because humanity exists! It is because the world exists! It is because power exists that conflict is inevitable! This is the true legacy of mankind. Humanity will always fail to move forward. Void is the true form of existence, for everything was born from the void... ...and all must return to it.
~ Bacht explaining his motives to Touma.

Bacht, alternatively spelled Bahato, is a swordsman nicknamed the Immortal Swordsman for his regenerative abilities and a supporting antagonist in Kamen Rider Saber, first appearing as the titular main antagonist of the movie Kamen Rider Saber: The Phoenix Swordsman and the Book of Ruin.

He seeks to use the Book of Ruin to make both the Rider World and the Wonder World disappear by sucking them up into black holes so they can recreate it as a world free from conflict. He uses the Haken Bladriver and Eternal Phoenix Wonder Ride Book to transform into Kamen Rider Falchion.

He was portrayed by Masashi Taniguchi, who also played Jin Takayama in Kamen Rider Amazons.



1000 years ago, Bacht was a swordsman of the Sword of Logos who served alongside Yuri. After a traitorous swordsman of the guild murdered his family however, Bacht betrayed the guild. Believing that power was inherently corruptive and that humanity would only repeat its mistakes, Bacht attempted to bring about the end of the world only to be sealed away by his old friend Yuri using the Light and Dark Seiken.

Kamen Rider Saber: The Phoenix Swordsman and the Book of Ruin

Years ago, Bacht attacked the Wonder World after his seal was broken but he was sealed away again inside the Book of Ruin by Daichi Kamijou, the previous Kamen Rider Saber.

Many years later, Bacht would escape his imprisonment and attempt to use the Book of Ruin to destroy the Wonder World. He begins by creating massive portals on both Earth and the Wonder World to suck up everything, while also summoning an army of Shimi to deal with anyone who stands in his way.

The swordsmen of the Sword of Logos soon responded to Bacht's attack and transformed into the Kamen Rider forms in order to deal with his army. Kamen Rider Saber went to confront Bacht personally, but though he was able to initially strike him down, Bacht soon regenerated and managed to overwhelm him. However, it was then that Touma achieved his Emotional Dragon form, the same form which Daichi had used to strike down Bacht in the past, and with it Touma was able to defeat Bacht and undo the damage he had caused.

After Bacht was sealed again, the Book of Ruin was placed inside a chamber of Southern Base by Master Logos, whom would then unseal it.

Kamen Rider Saber

Bacht was unsealed by Isaac, the second Master Logos from the Book of Ruin to hunt down the remaining swordsmen, while also properly heals his right half of his face. Upon his release, Bacht proclaimed his intention of ending the world. Master Logos told Bacht that he couldn't allow him to do that, as he also intended to destroy the world, but that he could let him get revenge on the swordsmen who had sealed him. Bacht was content with this and took to the field to battle the current Saber.

He interrupted a match between Touma and Yuri to attack both of him, recognizing the latter as his former friend. Touma became Saber Elemental Dragon to fight him, to which Bacht was intrigued to see Saber had obtained a new form. After a portal to the Wonder World containing Luna appeared however, Bacht decided to take his leave.

Bacht later appeared during the fight between Blades and Durendal. Instead of attacking Blades however, Bacht chose to fight Durendal instead, proclaiming that all swordsmen were his enemy. After being pushed back, Durendal chose to exit the scene, leaving Blades to contend with Falchion. Blades managed to strike down Bacht but Bacht quickly reformed and managed to defeat him. Touma and Yuri then arrived and assumed their Rider forms to battle him, only for Kento Fukamiya to appear and become Kamen Rider Calibu Jaou Dragon to join the fight as well. While Calibur battled Saikou, Falchion fought Saber. Both Falchion and Calibur performed their finishing moves to finish off the Riders, but Yuri pushed Touma away just in time before bearing the brunt of both attacks and perishing. Calibur then opted to team up with Saber to fight Falchion and together the two beat him down with a combined slash, leading Bacht to exit the scene for the time being.

He arrives at Isaac’s forbidden ritual ground at a same time he discard Shindai siblings’ powers to the evil Logos. As the third Calibur arrive to seal all swords at once, but being intervened by Ren, it gives Bahato an opportunity to strike the both, effectively disabled Calibur’s seal. He is later defeated by Saber Emotional Dragon, but happily made his supposedly last laugh prior to being sealed back to Book of Ruins again, once the Isaac’s plan is complete. Due to Touma’s interference on the ritual, yet Isaac got his own Rider power from the result, Bahato is unsealed off screen.

Bahato is briefly seen at Tokyo harbor, muttering about Isaac’s worldwide announcement towards humanity. He would later be approached by Yuri and Mei, who sought to show him the wonders humanity had developed in the past 1000 years to convince him to abandon his misanthropy towards them. Mei showed Bacht Instagram and told him it was a place where he could express his feelings to his followers, but Bacht was not swayed and shouted at Mei and Yuri to leave.

Bacht would later show up again during the confrontation between the swordsmen and Kamen Rider Solomon to face Saber one more time. Touma gave Bacht a speech about how his inability to move on was holding him back, but Bacht refused to listen and became Falchion to do battle one more time. Bacht would be slain for good when Touma knocked him out of his Rider form before slashing him untransformed, killing him permanently.

After Bacht's death, his sword and Driver were claimed by Desast.

His spirit later appeared in Wonder World, having apparently made peace with his past.


Kamen Rider Falchion



  • Height: 218.2Cm
  • Weight: 108.7Kg
  • Punching Power: 60.2T
  • Kick Force: 94.2T
  • Jumping Ability: 97.4m (jump person)
  • Running Speed: 1.6 seconds (100M)
  • Sword Deathblow: Phoenix Warriors Sword
  • Kick Special Move: Immortal Bird Musou


  • Falchion Helm Eternal Phoenix - Kamen Rider Falchion Eternal Phoenix Head.
  • Eternal Phoenix Bold -Falchion Eternal Phoenix right shoulder. It possesses the power of the sacred beast "Eternal Phoenix" and brings eternity that transcends death and rebirth to transformants.
  • Ribless Cuirass - Falchion Eternal Phoenix chest and left shoulder armor. If it is destroyed by an enemy, it can be revived by the "eternal light" emitted by the beast "Eternal Phoenix".
  • Nil Robe - An armor worn by those who have been selected as the holy sword "Unsigned Sword Void". Attached at the same time as the awakening of the holy sword, it gives the transformant the power to fight, such as improving sword skills, strengthening physical abilities, and activating special abilities. This is a special weapon for using the special abilities of the Wonder Ride Book "Eternal Phoenix".
  • Sword Break Driver - One of the equipment used to transform into Kamen Rider Falchion. Dedicated to the Eternal Phoenix Wonder Ride Book, it draws out its power and bestows powerful energy and various abilities on transformants. Moreover, even after the transformation is released, the power can be constantly supplied.
  • Weben Leg - Falchion Eternal Phoenix legs. It possesses the power of the sacred beast "Eternal Phoenix", boasts jumping power as if flying, and is good at aerial combat.
  • Weben Arm - Falchion Eternal Phoenix Arm. The power of the beast "Eternal Phoenix" super-activates the body of the transformant, bringing the power to perform tremendous sword skills.
  • Saw Driver Must-Have Holder - A holder for carrying a wonder ride book. Mounted on the left and right sides of the sword break driver, it can store two books on the right side and one on the left side. In addition, when the Special Move is activated, it has the role of improving the sharpness by pulling out the holy sword and polishing it at the same time.
  • Webengant - Falchion Eternal Phoenix Gloves. Originally, it has the power to put on the "eternal light" that cuts off the flow, only on the blade of the holy sword "Unsigned Sword Void" that returns all attributes to nothing.
  • Feather Set - Falchion Eternal Phoenix Armor. Armor with ultra-thin blades folded like the tail feathers of a phoenix. By wrapping the impact received with a "permanent light", the attack power is converted into its own energy, creating an inexhaustible power during battle.
  • Webensol - Falchion Eternal Phoenix boots. By wearing a "permanent light" that cuts off the flow, you can activate the special move "Phoenix Musou" that turns everything into ashes.


Haken Bladriver

Bladriver Shelf - A part for storing the wonder ride book of the sword break driver. Dedicated to the Eternal Phoenix Wonder Ride Book, it bestows that ability on the swordfighter's armor, the Sword Robe.

  • Eternal Winger - A special part of the sword break driver. The power of the Eternal Phoenix Wonder Ride Book transmitted by the Ride Spellline can be constantly brought to the transformant even after the transformation is released. It also plays a role in storing information when reviving a transformant.
  • Blade Full Gol - Energy generator for the sword break driver. By extracting the energy of the universe contained in the Wonder Ride Book, a "Wonder All" with the characteristics of activating swordfighters and various equipment is generated.
  • Ride Spell Line - Wonder Ride Book's ability transmission road. Tell the Holy Sword the abilities of the Wonder Ride Book read on the break driver shelf.

Mumeiken Kyomu

  • Sword Grip - An unnamed sword with a void pattern. It has the power to absorb the impact of the Mumeiken, and to return the damage to nothing.
  • Mumeiken Kyomu Emblem - The root of the Mumeiken Kyomu. Use the power to abolish the holy power to nullify the power of the attributes of the holy sword. A coat of arms representing Kamen Rider Falchion is engraved in the center.
  • Shingan Reader - By contacting the special metal fitting "Spireader" for speed reading on the back cover of the Wonder Ride Book, speed reading can be performed with the mind's eye. This makes it possible to temporarily harbor all the power of tradition spelled out in the Wonder Ride Book in the Holy Sword.
  • Kyomu Soul - Unsigned sword A void blade. With a sword with wisdom, one can learn and embody all the folklore spelled out in the Wonder Ride Book from the Haken Bladriver and the tip of the "Shingan Reader".
  • Kyomu Trigger - Trigger of Mumeiken Kyomu. Under the control of the swordfighter, the Mumeiken Kyomu reads its intention and plays the role of a starter in various attacks.
  • Galyutain - The Mumeiken, a blade of nothingness. The forged jet-black blade swallows all attributes and transforms this world into a void.



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