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Back is a four-legged stubby-armed Decepticon-allied Cyclone Mini-Con in Transformers: Robots in Disguise.


Back found Strongarm, knocking her out of the fight temporarily, giving them the chance to escape as Quillfire towed a trailer full of pilfered parts. The Autobots were able to catch up to their boss after lost all the stuff he was trying to steal in the first place).

The Decepticons were forced to flee when Bumblebee and Strongarm arrived. Moving to a nearby truck stop, the trio were again interrupted by the Autobots. Stranded on the plannet, he decided to follow Steeljaw's Pack to help Steeljaw to conquer the Earth. He has two Mini-Cons named Airazor & Divebomb. Later in season 1's 25 episode he became the Alchemor's new prisoner. But was later free again along with all the other prisoners.




  • Prior to the toy's release, there was quite a bit of confusion regarding single-packed Back's name. Some online retailers initially solicited the figure under the names "Decepticon Backfire" or "Kickback". Whilst the figure was subsequently named as just "Decepticon Back" in official Hasbro solicitations, stock photos of the toy in packaging and in the Robots in Disguise mobile game, further confusion arose when the figure's North American packaging sported the name "Decepticon Forth", as did the listing on the official website. International releases, including Hong Kong, Australia and Europe, still sport the "Back" name. Eventually both versions were even found side by side at the same store in the US… and then Hasbro released a Mini-Con Mega-Pack including Back once again named "Decepticon Forth".
  • Back's magnetic "breath" weapon is depicted with blue energy rings, matching the color commonly used for the "south" end of magnets.


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