I was born out of the greediness of mankind. While men exist, so will I!
~ Bacterion

Bacterion is one of the main antagonist of the Gradius series. He is an immortal viral space cell; when he gets blown up into pieces, those pieces will grow until another Bacterion is born.


Bacterion is the leader of the Bacterians, which came from him. He led the Bacterians in the first and third Bacterian Wars.

At the end of the first war, Bacterion's Brain was defeated by a ship named Vic Viper, piloted by James Burton.

After Bacterion's defeat, a flagship controller named Gofer took charge while Bacterion was recovering. After a period of time, an evolved Bacterion started the Third Bacterian War, attacking Planet Gradius with full power, but was again destroyed by the same ship that defeated him last time: Vic Viper.

Bacterion split into pieces but one of those pieces contained an unfinished weapon that the tyrant was developing before his destruction.

A few years later, that piece lands on a planet and changes it into a fortress. Unfortunately, planet Gradius sents the Vic Viper to eradicate the threat, destroying the planet and the regenerated Bacterion in the process.


  • The Bacterians usually have the form of a giant brain. While in the Contra series (also by Konami), one of the most traditional bosses in the game franchise is a giant heart, in the first Contra game, it is actually the last boss, as well as the first Gradius game, which the last boss is a giant brain.
  • Those faces surrounding Bacterian may either be Bacterians or they are the many faces Bacterian can change into.

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