Bad Cyborg is a villain from the first TimeSplitters game.


The Bad Cyborg's origins are shrouded in mystery. His real name is entirely unknown. The only knowledge about him is that he established an underground community of evil cyborgs.


The Bad Cyborg wears a breathing apparatus which is connected to a tube. The tube, itself, extends behind his body. The right side of the head is covered by a red mask and two identical visors. The other side of his head is exposed. He appears to be bald and he has white eyes lacking pupils. His hands are replaced with razor sharp claws. The lower part of the right arm is covered in a red exoskeleton. The left arm is an entire exoskeleton. It consists of red and black color pattern. The torso is exposed, revealing an unreadable tattoo. Blue shorts are below it the torso. The only other clothes are black shoes.


In 2005, Bad Cyborg runs a secret community that exists at a unspecified location. Eventually, the facility is infiltrated by police officers. The officers attack the inhabitants while journeying through the area. They find a disk which contains proof of the community's existence. Before the officers can leave, they are confronted by Bad Cyborg. He violently assaults the intruders to prevent them from escaping. They overcome him and manage to escape with the evidence. The community and the cyborgs' become deceased.


  • He produces high-pitched grunts instead of speaking.